Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can you stand the rain - Tia

It is POURING down rain in Dallas today. I mean, it’s like the sky has decided to dump out every single ounce of water it had the city. I would give just about anything to be back in the bed right now. I don’t think I should have had to get up this morning. Stupid Job.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts.

Apartment hunting
When one is apartment hunting, one must realize that the euphemisms used by the person listing the apartment must be accurately deciphered so that the hunter knows what they are dealing with. For instance, words like quaint, cute, home-y, and adorable all mean small as hell. I went to see one apartment that had the audacity to be listed as a 2 bedroom. They were two of the smallest bedrooms I’d ever seen in my life. The “master” was so small that I realized that I would be able to get my queen size mattresses in there and NOTHING else. If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to suspend your alarm clock from the ceiling, the place is too small. PERIOD.

Up and coming neighborhood – Please be prepared to be strapped at all times. DO NOT venture out after dark alone. In fact, don’t venture out alone EVER.

Minutes from…- EVERYTHING is minutes from something. 72 minutes from Downtown is NOT a selling point.

Original fixtures/floors/doors/etc – Old as hell. I’m all about places with character. But if your space has a dumb waiter and a chamber pot, you need to upgrade and remodel.

Anyway, I’m going to keep looking. But at least now I know what they mean when they say, “Quaint 2br, original floors in booming up and coming neighborhood.” NEXT.

Okay, it is REALLY coming down here. I’m glad I’m in a tornado safe area because I think the sky is going to open up.

The Children
I was watching a news report on Headline News last week (Hi, Robin Meade) about the number of teenage girls with STDs. The report said that one in four girls has an STD. That alone is depressing. But then Dr. Sanjay Gupta came on and said that the number is slightly higher for African American girls. He said that the rate was somewhere around 48-49%. So that means every other black teenage girl has some sort of STD. That is simply unacceptable. Now, I truly hope that those numbers are incorrect. I really do. But part of me knows that even if they are wrong, they’re probably not too far off. And that really bothers me.

What are we doing wrong? Where are we failing these girls? And clearly sex ed in schools is not working if 25% of them still have an STD. How do we instill in these young girls that sex is not the answer. They are constantly being told that sex is what’s up. It’s everywhere. But I NEVER see the consequences of sex displayed. You don’t ever see the teenage mother on t.v. (They need to go on and bring back those after school specials.) You don’t see the heartbroken girl with HIV. All you see is glitzy, glamorous sex scenes and L-shaped sheets to cover the aftermath. (You ever notice on television how when a couple is laying in bed after sex the sheet stops at the man’s waist and just above the woman’s chest? Where do they sell these magical L-shaped sheets? Does Target carry those?)

But it’s not just the media’s fault. Where are the parents of these girls? Why aren’t they telling them not to treat their bodies like amusement parks? Why aren’t they explaining to them all of the effects of unprotected (and protected – condoms break. Both of my brothers are birth control babies…I’m just saying) sex.

And not to be a Debbie Downer but the task of changing their mindsets seems so daunting. I went to my church's youth group the other night and was so disheartened. There were just a bunch of jaded, unmoved, bored to death kids. Of course there were a handful of them that were really into it. But for the most part you could tell that a lot of them just didn’t want to be there. It really made me rethink volunteering. But I know someone has to be there for them…I don’t know. I’m glad I’m not a teenager.

I stopped respecting VH1 a long time ago. They clearly have no intentions of portraying black women in a good light. Actually, they don’t seem to care too much about portraying women in general in a good light. (See Rock of Love for additional examples) But they seem to go out of their way to put the most buffoonery acting, on the pole, chickenheaded black girls on their shows. I mean, did we REALLY need 3 seasons of Flavor of Love and 2 seasons of I Love New York? (Don’t even get me started on that broad. That’s an ass whoopin’ that I would gladly dish out.)

So I can’t really say that I’m all that excited about a new show that I heard VH1 is doing. Apparently there is a white guy out there who will be trying to find a black wife and mother for his 2 biracial kids. (Insert heavy sigh here.) I have no doubt that this will be yet another show full of chickenheadeded, no sense broads who will be vying for the affection of a perfect stranger. It will portray us a desperate, golddigging cut throats, who will stab a fellow brown girl in the back for additional screen time. Frankly, I’m over it before it’s even begun.

Politics…sort of
I’m so over the race for the democratic nominee. Seriously, can we just flip a coin and move on? I’ve actually started changing the channel when the news starts in on politics. I know I should still care, but honestly, I just don’t. Both of them seem like decent candidates. Both of them seem like they would get the job done. So let’s just go on and decide and move on.

Okay the rain is easing up, so I’m going to run and get some lunch.


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