Monday, March 31, 2008

Once more with feeling - Tia
People Magazine is ONCE AGAIN reporting that the New Kids are doing a reunion tour. Word on the curb is that the boys, all five of them, will appear on the Today show on Friday to announce the upcoming tour. Apparently the alleged tour will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Hangin' Tough. And can I just take a moment to say that it can't possibly have been 20 years since Hangin' Tough. I refuse to believe that I was ummm....some odd years old when that album came out.

Anyway, I'm on the road this week but I am going to make darn sure that I am in front of someone's television on Friday morning. If this is true I need to know the minute the tickets go on sale. A bunch of middle aged men doing hits from my childhood...I will pay top dollar to see that.

Oh and one more thing, I like how the People article grouped Donnie and Joey into the same category as having "acting success." They're playing kinda fast and loose with the word success when it comes to Joey. Aside from those 5 episodes of Boston Public, what has he been in? I'll have to imdb it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

FINALLY, Some Good Music News- Toya

According to this morning's EUR Web report, India Arie is starting her onw label, SoulBird Music and the first signed artist is ANTHONY DAVID!!!!!!!! His album, Acey Deucey, is scheduled for release on June 17.

Question- Toya

Umm, is it possible to become pregnant by watching something on television? Cause after seeing this, I feel as if I have been, umm..."touched". Look out for Lil' Day Day in 9 months...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I guess I'll have to wait and see - Tia

I was (and still am) an Nsync fan. While I liked some of Backstreet Boy's songs, most of their stuff just sounded too much alike for me. They're saving graces were the fact that Kevin Richardson was FINE!!! and the fact that AJ McLean could SANG. AJ was so "old black man" with his. I have an mp3 of him singing Brickhouse and it is so ignorant. His voice is amazing.

So while surfing the interweb this morning I stumbled across a story that said that AJ has a solo project coming out later this year. No more of that random alter-ego stuff like last time (I really am still trying to forgive him for that Johnny No Name debacle.) Apparently he's just going to be himself and sing. But as excited as I want to get about this, I'm holding back for the moment for two reasons. 1. I've heard some snippets from the forthcoming project and they sound real...pop-ish. Not that I have a problem with a white guy singing pop, old black man voice or not. But in my opinion he's got a big enough voice that he doesn't have to stick with that bubblegum sound that his BSB fans are accustomed to. Reason #2, JC. JC Chasez can sing the hell out of some riffs. HE CAN SANG. Where is he? Hosting a dance competition on MTV. I shudder to think what might happen if AJ goes down the same path as JC did with his first record. (Which while I'm thinking about it I need to pull out. JC's first solo project wasn't that bad. It just takes a while to grow on you. Like 5 years. In the music world that is a death sentence.) So I'm hoping that AJ fairs better than JC did his first time out. And if not maybe JC and AJ could hook up and form some sort of super duo. They could be the white KC and Jojo. Can you imagine? It would be white boy riffs and hollering for days.

If you're interested, you can hear pseudo-snippets at AJ's website. And I'm sure there is a myspace page forthcoming.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm a Princess - Tia
(Remember that little girl from Kindergarten Cop? "I'm a princess. My daddy says I'm a PRINCESS!!!" I loved that scene.)

I was never one of those girlie girls growing up. I distinctly remember playing with my METAL Transformers when I was little. I vaguely remember some clueless relative giving me a Barbie for some holiday or other. It held my interest long enough for me to try to figure out if I could get the kinks out of her hair with scalding hot water. I just wasn't very girlie. But even with all of my tomboy ways, part of me still longed to be a princess.

I have a birthmark on my leg that is in the perfect shape of a crescent moon. I used to gaze at it and wish. Somewhere my real parents were looking for me. They were royalty or something and they would know that I was their baby as soon as I they saw me. My birthmark would confirm it and there would be singing and rejoicing and such. (Cut me some slack, I was an only child with an active imagination.) Of course, none of that ever happened. We won't talk about how I am the spitting image of my mother except for my chin and my forehead. I get that from my dad.

There are still days when I look at my birthmark and daydream. There is something in me that longs to be someone's princess. Even when I was in the depths of my happy hating days I still wanted to be someone's baby, someone's princess. I don't know if most girls would admit it, but there's something in most of us that longs to feel special. What girls doesn't love to be treated as if she is the most precious gift walking the planet?

I just watched Enchanted and it is my new favorite movie. Aside from the fact the Patrick Dempsey is fine as hell for no good reason for 107 minutes, the movie is nothing short of lovely. I felt so girlie after watching it. It's classic fairy tale, prince charming type stuff with modern day spin. It pretty much pleased the little girl in me to no end.

Now while I am a hopeless romantic, I also realize that life is not a fairy tale. And though life and relationships and love take work, I still believe in some sibilance of happily ever after. I know it sounds trite but I don't care. I believe that every woman is a princess. She may not be girlie and frilly but she's still someones's princess, someone's prize. Don't let the world tell you you're not important. Don't let anyone devalue you. You're not too much to handle. And you are good enough. Not only is the king enthralled with your beauty (Psalm 45:11) but so are others. You bring something to the game that no one else can. You are uniquely you for a reason. I know this sounds self-helpish (I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggonit people like me.) but it's true. You were created to be you. No one can do you like you. You are somebody's princess. You are somebody's baby. Believe it.

This concludes my sugary sweet rant for the evening. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go watch Enchanted for the 3rd time in 2 days.
I'm about sick of Jeremy Piven tripping me up in the mall.

I (Tia)was minding my own business leaving the Apple store and I once again fooled around and walked past Johnston and Murphy. I was unaware that there is a new Spring campaign going on with Mr. Piven. And just like before I stopped dead in my tracks oblivious to who was behind me. I stared open mouth, slacked jawed and bugged eyed at the life sized poster hanging in the window. I don't know if it was coincidence or the fact that I was standing in front of a men's clothing store looking slightly manic, but a security guard showed up and began doing that conspicuous inconspicuous thing that they try to do. Frankly, I did not care.

Jesus be a True Love Waits contract because Jeremy is on the list of those who could have it. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I've been a fan since Say Anything. But my love was set ablaze by Entourage. I freakin' LOVE Ari. I need to go on and get that on DVD. I just need to holla at Jeremy real quick. I just need 2 seconds of his time. I could change his whole life.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eleanor Rigby - Tia

It is no secret that we love David Cook around these parts. It was over for me once he screamed, "I love youuuu!!!" in his microphone. I must admit that I don't think good things about David. He's the kind of boy that I steer clear of in an attempt to hang on (even if it's only by my fingernails) to my chastity.

He's so yummy. And the other night when he was singing Eleanor Rigby, I thought I was going to lose my mind when he hit the chorus. And we won't even talk about the money note at the end. In case you missed it:

A few days after the performance I heard rumblings that someone was not happy with David. It seems that a bad that few of us have heard of were not happy that David didn't give them credit for the arrangement of Eleanor Rigby. A local band out of Seattle(?) called Doxology apparently felt like David performed their song and, by not giving them a shout out, tried to pass it off as their own.

Here's a snippet of their version:

The full version is on their myspace.

Now Toya was HEATED when I told her about Doxology. She felt like they were being punks and were just trying to drum up interest in their band. She flatly refused to even give them any more thought and wouldn't even consider listening to their version of the song. "That's what they want" she said. Well it worked on me. I promptly googled them and went to their myspace page. I listened to the song in question and could DEFINITELY hear the similarities. I then listened to some of the other songs that they had on their page. And I gotta admit, I liked them.

I do think that they went about it the wrong way. I think if they'd been more positive with the whole situation and basically given David his props, people would have been more interested in seeing who this gracious band was and what their version of the song sounded like. But as it stands I think they may have alienated the true music fans...snobs(coughToyacough) and a lot people who would have loved them will never take the time to listen to them.
Precious Lord Take My Hand - Tia

Myspace can be such a problem. I see why people call it Stalkspace. This evening while running through the land of myspace, I discovered that I am 2 degrees of separation away from a tall, hot, Jesus loving Brit Boy. WHAT???????????????

The wheels of investigation have been set in motion. And I'm not saying that something is going to come out of this stalking. But I'm not saying that nothing is going to come out of it either. I'm not saying anything.

Jesus be a restraining order.

Yes, I Touched Him and It Was Magical...Ish- Toya

I have so much to do and so much to blog which is why I have been somewhat MIA so I will just post this cause it's quick. The N.E.R.D. show? A-freaking-mazing. Pharrell? MUCH cuter in person. I have never been that close to anyone at a show like that and I was sickly close to Common. And yes, I shamed myself by reaching out and grabbing his hand but umm, I was trying to make sure he didnt' fall off the speaker. Yeah, that's it. *Sigh* Skateboard P. Not quite sure when I'll be over this. So here is "Maybe", my favorite N.E.R.D. song and video featuring my first girl crush. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BET - Tia

Now y'all know that we have never been quiet about how we feel about BET. However, I felt bad bad-mouthing the network when I was in Cali. My roommate worked for them and MANY a time I was entertained on BET's dime. But that doesn't excuse the fact that the station has done more than a few things that I feel...ummm...set the race back. The network helps perpetuate the stereotype. You know, girls on the pole, ballin' out of control, hyper-sexualized black folks. I'm convinced it's part of the reason that my white neighborhood from middle of nowhere America thought it was okay to ask me to back that thang up. (That story is here.) And I haven't watched 106 & Park since AJ and Free left.

This mess here though is funny. I see that I'm not the only person who has a problem with station.

FYI, this is whole episode, so if you're at work watch it on your lunch break...with headphones on.

Toya just texted me to say that she is directly in front of the stage.

She then sent me a picture. For whatever reason I can't get it to email to my account. Technology is letting me down at the moment. If it were working you would be able to see why I'm really happy that I paid off my credit card and thus have enough money to bail her out of jail for attacking Pharrell.
So umm, THIS is happening in my life tonight- Toya

Oh how I love Jesus, oh how I love Jesus....
I am going to see N.E.R.D tonight. Yes, they can be a little pervy at times but it's Skateboard P. I mean, he's a a brotha that can skate and he's in a band. If you know me by now, it's a no-brainer.
Can you stand the rain - Tia

It is POURING down rain in Dallas today. I mean, it’s like the sky has decided to dump out every single ounce of water it had the city. I would give just about anything to be back in the bed right now. I don’t think I should have had to get up this morning. Stupid Job.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts.

Apartment hunting
When one is apartment hunting, one must realize that the euphemisms used by the person listing the apartment must be accurately deciphered so that the hunter knows what they are dealing with. For instance, words like quaint, cute, home-y, and adorable all mean small as hell. I went to see one apartment that had the audacity to be listed as a 2 bedroom. They were two of the smallest bedrooms I’d ever seen in my life. The “master” was so small that I realized that I would be able to get my queen size mattresses in there and NOTHING else. If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to suspend your alarm clock from the ceiling, the place is too small. PERIOD.

Up and coming neighborhood – Please be prepared to be strapped at all times. DO NOT venture out after dark alone. In fact, don’t venture out alone EVER.

Minutes from…- EVERYTHING is minutes from something. 72 minutes from Downtown is NOT a selling point.

Original fixtures/floors/doors/etc – Old as hell. I’m all about places with character. But if your space has a dumb waiter and a chamber pot, you need to upgrade and remodel.

Anyway, I’m going to keep looking. But at least now I know what they mean when they say, “Quaint 2br, original floors in booming up and coming neighborhood.” NEXT.

Okay, it is REALLY coming down here. I’m glad I’m in a tornado safe area because I think the sky is going to open up.

The Children
I was watching a news report on Headline News last week (Hi, Robin Meade) about the number of teenage girls with STDs. The report said that one in four girls has an STD. That alone is depressing. But then Dr. Sanjay Gupta came on and said that the number is slightly higher for African American girls. He said that the rate was somewhere around 48-49%. So that means every other black teenage girl has some sort of STD. That is simply unacceptable. Now, I truly hope that those numbers are incorrect. I really do. But part of me knows that even if they are wrong, they’re probably not too far off. And that really bothers me.

What are we doing wrong? Where are we failing these girls? And clearly sex ed in schools is not working if 25% of them still have an STD. How do we instill in these young girls that sex is not the answer. They are constantly being told that sex is what’s up. It’s everywhere. But I NEVER see the consequences of sex displayed. You don’t ever see the teenage mother on t.v. (They need to go on and bring back those after school specials.) You don’t see the heartbroken girl with HIV. All you see is glitzy, glamorous sex scenes and L-shaped sheets to cover the aftermath. (You ever notice on television how when a couple is laying in bed after sex the sheet stops at the man’s waist and just above the woman’s chest? Where do they sell these magical L-shaped sheets? Does Target carry those?)

But it’s not just the media’s fault. Where are the parents of these girls? Why aren’t they telling them not to treat their bodies like amusement parks? Why aren’t they explaining to them all of the effects of unprotected (and protected – condoms break. Both of my brothers are birth control babies…I’m just saying) sex.

And not to be a Debbie Downer but the task of changing their mindsets seems so daunting. I went to my church's youth group the other night and was so disheartened. There were just a bunch of jaded, unmoved, bored to death kids. Of course there were a handful of them that were really into it. But for the most part you could tell that a lot of them just didn’t want to be there. It really made me rethink volunteering. But I know someone has to be there for them…I don’t know. I’m glad I’m not a teenager.

I stopped respecting VH1 a long time ago. They clearly have no intentions of portraying black women in a good light. Actually, they don’t seem to care too much about portraying women in general in a good light. (See Rock of Love for additional examples) But they seem to go out of their way to put the most buffoonery acting, on the pole, chickenheaded black girls on their shows. I mean, did we REALLY need 3 seasons of Flavor of Love and 2 seasons of I Love New York? (Don’t even get me started on that broad. That’s an ass whoopin’ that I would gladly dish out.)

So I can’t really say that I’m all that excited about a new show that I heard VH1 is doing. Apparently there is a white guy out there who will be trying to find a black wife and mother for his 2 biracial kids. (Insert heavy sigh here.) I have no doubt that this will be yet another show full of chickenheadeded, no sense broads who will be vying for the affection of a perfect stranger. It will portray us a desperate, golddigging cut throats, who will stab a fellow brown girl in the back for additional screen time. Frankly, I’m over it before it’s even begun.

Politics…sort of
I’m so over the race for the democratic nominee. Seriously, can we just flip a coin and move on? I’ve actually started changing the channel when the news starts in on politics. I know I should still care, but honestly, I just don’t. Both of them seem like decent candidates. Both of them seem like they would get the job done. So let’s just go on and decide and move on.

Okay the rain is easing up, so I’m going to run and get some lunch.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Random question - Tia

Am I the only person who is REALLY happy with the new Old Navy commercials? I mean, I get freaking giddy when I see them. And every time they come on I think the same thing, "Are they EVER going to hook up?"

If you don't know what commercials I'm talking about, when you see them you'll know.

They make me happy. I hope I'm not the only one.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random Fashion Blog of the Moment - Tia

Once again I'm being slowly tortured in a meeting that could have been summed up by a few pages of meeting minutes. BLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHH

So I saw this purse that I loved the minute I set eyes on it. I've truly grown to love accessories. Why? Because I've learned that accessories can turn even the most boring outfit into FIYAH. But as I mentioned in my last random fashion blog, I was trying to not buy the purse on a whim. I'm trying to do better about saving. Apparently they're predicting some sort of recession or something. And just in case they get it right this time, I'd like to make sure that I have money in the bank. Anyway, I saw a matching belt that would compliment the purse and the belt made me want the bag all the more. But no matter where I looked the purse could no longer be found. I went online to try to find it and much to my chagrin the purse wasn't even LISTED on the site anymore. I mean, I was bummed. I had the whole outfit put together in my head. And it was sooo cute and girlie and Spring-ish.

On a whim today I decided to stop by the store just to see if they would be getting anymore in. I was told by the ever so sweet accessories manager that not only were they not getting anymore in, but that the item had been discontinued. BOOOOOO! But being that he was so nice (and that the store was crickets and tumbleweeds empty), he offered to check the stock at other stores just to be safe.

I'm so glad that he did. There was literally ONE purse left in the metro Atlanta area (and that includes Marrow County, wherever that is.) Thankfully, the purse wasn't that far from where I already was. So I promptly hoped in the car and sped down highway 400 to obtain my very much coveted bag.

As a former happy hater, I've learned that there are all kinds of things that can make you happy. Shoes, purses, cookies from the Italian joint around the corner, cute boys who hold the door for you, most things pink. Basically, I've had to choose to find joy. And sometimes it's not easy. But sometimes the little things, like a bright yellow (I'm talking Big Bird yellow) purse can bring a huge smile to my face..Oh crap...they're asking me about one of my sites....

Youtube sucks sometimes - Tia and Toya

So Toya tried several times last week to post that David Cook video. They FINALLY showed up, as evidenced by the same post showing up numerous times.

Per Toya's request, there's now just the one post about David "my knickers are on fire" Cook. My apologies to anyone who left a clever comment on one of the posts that was deleted.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes, David. It IS you that I have been looking for. And frankly, I am pissed that you took so long to get here.

I think the compliment that Tia and I get the most regarding this blog is that we are so honest about how we feel about things. With that being said, I will ask for those that are very religious, timid, or more coothed to cease and desist in reading this particular post. To the rest of us, I pose this question:
Did anyone else's boy shorts/briefs/thongs catch on fire when this fool screamed "I love you" in this song????!!!!! I have no problem with you screaming in my face if this is what and how are you are screaming. And let me just add that Tia and I are in our 30's which is supposed to be the start of your sexual peak. Since we have a liking for boys with guitars that scream, this did not help us not one bit AT ALL. Jesus be a cold shower.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I know I said I wouldn't, but.... - Tia

Under the not really a good idea right now, apparently The Clintons have suggested that Sen. Obama run as Hillary's vice-president. Now, I haven't been following the Democratic nomination as closely as I should. Mostly, because we have been inundated with it every hour on the hour and I'm about over it. But I do know that as of right now Sen. Obama has won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton. He has won more of the popular vote than Sen. Clinton and he currently has more delegates than Sen Clinton. But despite all of that I realize that this race is still very close. It could still go either way. So maybe, Hillary was just trying to put the offer out there. Maybe she was just trying to say, "Hey man, if it swings my way, you know you're still in there." But I gotta say, it kinda looks like a bitcha** move on her part. The offer could be construed as saying, "You know you can't win so you should just give up."

I'm not poo-pooing on Hillary. I genuinely like a lot of the ideas that she has for the country. Particularly in the area of health care. But with her fear-mongering commercial (I KNOW y'all saw that mess, with the "Who would you want answering the phone at 3 in the morning" nonsense. Don't use the babies.) and her jumping the gun on extending the olive branch of the "vice-presidency" it almost seems as if she's grasping at straws to get the nomination. In my opinion she's better than that. And people who are on the fence may see her tactics as tasteless and desperate and all of this may backfire on her. She should just play the game and let the chips fall where they may.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Random Late Night Fashion Blog - Tia

Last month's Essence magazine featured some sandals that I immediately fell in love with. Have you ever had that feeling? Where you see something and you HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW? I felt that way recently about an Isaac Mizrahi purse. And I was trying to be good and not just buy stuff on a whim. I have yet to see that purse again and I'm a little hot about it.

When I saw these shoes I had already resigned in my mind that money was no object...well within reason anyway. (I'm not ballin' all like that just yet.) I saw myself walking into a party in those shoes and all eyes being on me. (Vain...I know.) I envisioned gladly telling anyone who wanted to know who had made the shoes and where they could get a pair if they so desired. So I flipped to the "where to buy" section in the back of the magazine and promptly called the listed Alexander McQueen store in New York City.

I immediately knew something was amiss when the salesman on the other end of the phone sighed a none to subtle sigh when I told him that I was calling to inquire about the shoes I saw in the new Essence magazine. He politely but somewhat exasperatingly told me that the shoes had only been made for the spring show and that they were no immediate plans to put them in mass production. It was such a wah-waah moment. (The definition of the wah-waah can be found here.) I really wanted those shoes. They're cute, no?

So if any of our NYC readers know of an Alexander McQueen sample sale that will be going on in the near future let me know. I will beg, borrow and steal to get my hands on a pair of those shoes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Patrick Swayze, NO - Tia

So the word on the curb is that Patrick "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" Swayze has pancreatic cancer. There are conflicting testimonies about the survival rate for this particular form of cancer so I'm waiting on the official word from Patrick's camp. But I gotta tell you, when I first heard about this and read that most people with pancreatic cancer only have like a 9 month survival rate I was not happy.

I LOVES me some Patrick Swayze. I mean, yes, he danced his behind off in Dirty Dancing. And yes, he was fine and yummy for no reason when he played Darry Curtis. (Google it) But the Coup de grĂ¢ce (or coup de tah as Toya and I like to say) is that Patrick sang She's Like The Wind. Regardless of what you say, that song is the jam.

So my prayers and thoughts go out to Patrick. Get well soon.

Oh and if I see Lumidee and Tony Sunshine in the streets I'm whoopin' BOTH they asses for having the brazen audacity to think it was okay to remake this song. Seriously, they're catching a beat down.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Recompense is my way to freedom - Tia

Toya says something that goes, "Just because you're right doesn't mean you're correct." Or something like that.

I recently had a falling out with this guy I was fairly cool with. And though I stand by my opinions and what I said, I realized that I may not have handled it in the best way. I feel like I was right. But maybe I wasn't correct in how I dealt with things.

As I've stated before, I don't do well with sensitive. If your feelings are easily hurt and you are what Toya and I call "tender" then you may not want to kick it too tough with me. While I NEVER intentionally set out to hurt someone's feelings, I'm not usually inclined to hold back what I'm thinking. But sometimes there is a level of sensitivity that is necessary in showing mutual respect. I guess that's something that I'm still learning.

So as I sit here listening to dc Talk's Between You and Me, I realize that being right is okay but being a friend is a better look.

Sorrow is a lonely feeling

Unsettled is a painful place

I've lived with both for far too long now

Since we've parted ways

I've been wrestling with my conscience

And I found myself to blame

If there's to be any resolution

I've got to peel my pride away

Just between you and me

I've got something to say

I wanna get it straight

Before the sun goes down

Just between you and me

Confession needs to be made

Recompense is my way to freedom now

Just between you and me

I've got something to say

If confession is the road to healing

Forgiveness is the promised land

I'm reaching out in my conviction

I'm longing to make amends

So I'm sorry for the words I've spoken

For I've betrayed a friend

We've got a love that's worth preserving

And a bond I will defend

Just between you and me

I've got something to say

I wanna get it straight

Before the sun goes down

Just between you and me

Confession needs to be made

Recompense is my way to freedom now

Just between you and me

I've got something to say

In my pursuit of God, I thirst for holiness

As I approach the Son, I must consider this

Offenses unresolved, they'll keep me from the throne

Before I go to Him my wrong must be atoned

If there's to be any resolution

I've got to peel this pride away

Just between you and me

I've got something to say

I wanna get it straight

Before the sun goes down

Just between you and me

Confession needs to be made

Recompense is my way to freedom

It's my way to freedom

It's my way to freedom

I've got something to say, so let me say it today

It's my way to freedom

I've got something to say, confession needs to be made

It's my way to freedom

I've got something to say, confession needs to be made

It's my way to freedom

I've got something to say...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Male homies and curse words - Tia

I'm currently on a conference call that is boring the pants off of me. I'm not really paying attention 1.) because I'm so bored and 2.) because the whole meeting will be condensed into efficient meeting minutes that I can read at my leisure in about a quarter of the time it took for the meeting to transpire.


Last week I was needing some male hominess. While Toya is forever the homie and I can tell her anything without filtering, there are times when I need a male perspective. For as long as I could remember, I've kept a male homie. He's that guy who is basically the male equivalent of your best girl friend. He's the guy that you have no feelings for and the feelings are mutual. He's the guy that you can talk with about anything with and get an unbiased opinion. You don't have to worry about him giving you advice based on his feelings for you because he doesn't have any. He just gives you the straight forward unabashed male point of view.

Well, I realized last week that I didn't really have a consistent male homie. I have guy friends but I haven't had a go-to guy for a while. There was one guy in college,Brian, that was the male homie for a long time and to some extent still is. But then he got married and my contact with him became some what limited. While I know I can always go to him if I have a problem, I try to be respectful of relationship with his wife. But Friday I was just having it. I needed to talk to a rational impartial man.

So Friday afternoon I pulled out the phone and called him.Now, I've known Brian for about 10 years. We met in college and he was my saving grace through school and a few years after. Basically up until he got married. I wanted to talk to him about life and the blog and the bullshishery that had ensued. I gave him the short condensed version and he agreed with me that things had been blown out of proportion and sometimes people are just...people.

I told him what one of my friends had called the whole situation (which I will get into later) and that got us talking about curse words.

Now I have mentioned this before, but curse words really make me laugh. Some of them are really funny. As Brian and I were talking we basically came to the conclusion that we didn't quite understand why certain words were bad and certain words weren't. For instance, who decided that sh*t was a bad word but poop, which mean the same thing, isn't? Why do F-bombs offend people so severely but saying screw doesn't? I'm sure that there is some reading somewhere that I can do to find out the answer. But for the most part, I just don't understand why some words are considered offensive. Slurs, blasphemy, and racial epithets I get. Curse words I just don't.

All that to say, there are words that I find to be hilarious. While I may not use them, if I hear them I'm likely to burst into a fit of giggles like a little kid. My current favorites are as follows:

- Bullshishery - Funny. I don't care what you say. Funny. Not even a real word, but sends me into hysterics almost every time.

- Unfuxwitable - And before you ask, Yes, that is the exact spelling. I saw it on a blog somewhere and LOVED it. I can't really use it like I'd want to but it pretty much describes how I feel about myself some days.

- B*tcha**ness - This was the word that my girl Ramos used to describe some of the comments (and actions) that took place after my Honesty post. This is my current favorite word...maybe of all time. Initially I was bummed that the minion of Satan himself, Puffy, came up with it, but now I don't care. This word describes PERFECTLY how some people act. And as Ramos put it, "A spirit of b*tcha**ness is just running wild in the world today." I'm sorry, that's funny and she's right.

And the piece de resistance (or however you spell it)

-F*ckery - I hate Amy Winehouse for this one. I really do. Every single time I listen to Me and Mr. Jones I crack up laughing. This word is HA-HA-LARIOUS TO ME.

Now I know I'm probably going to get some comments and email about what the Bible says about course jesting and cursing (I feel like I've read that in there somewhere.) And I really am trying to work on it. But I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be. And everyone has there thing. One of mine just happens to be words...
Soooo Late - Tia

You know how you hear about an artist and you just don't catch the vision? Yeah, that's what happened with me and Citizen Cope. I've heard Toya talk about CC for YEARS now. I just wasn't all that interested. And then I was in my hotel watching Scrubs and this song came on and I was literally mesmerized. I had no idea who it was but I had to find out. So I wrote down the lyrics that I could remember with the intent of googling them later.

The next day Toya came over to watch American Idol and saw the note that I'd written myself. She asked if I wanted to know who sang it. I mean, of course she knew. I don't know why I didn't think to ask her in the first place. Knowing her is like having my own music encyclopedia. She told me it was Citizen Cope and the song was called Sideways. She also told me that everyone she'd ever known listens to the song repeatedly when they first discover it. Well, I'm no exception. I swear this song is putting me into a trance or something. I CAN NOT stop listening to it. However, I must say that I'm glad I'm not heartbroken or getting over a relationship or anything. Otherwise, I'd probably be ready to jump off of a building. So if you're just getting out of a relationship or something I would advise you to NOT listen to this track.

I'm going to head on over to Rhapsody and listen to EVERYTHING else CC has. I am officially a fan.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Music - Tia

Leona Lewis...Again
This broad is everywhere that I turn. Her video was number 7 on the VH1 countdown and frankly I was floored. While I am not yet convinced of her superstardom, I will say that she's not a bad singer. And she may just come in at the right time to be huge. Or she may get lost in the shuffle. With new albums from Janet and Mariah coming out, little Miss Leona may just get lost in the crowd. However, if her team of folks plays it correctly, she could ride the crest of the wave that the big girls leave behind.

I stumbled across this video on another blog. I like the song. The video broke my heart though. It made me realize that there are things that are more important in this world than some of the petty stuff that I concern myself with.

Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie
This guy I used to be cool with sent me this track last year. I loved it immediately. But I was always wondered why it was never really getting any real airplay here. Especially considering the buzz that Mark Ronson was getting. I read that they're releasing (re-releasing?) the single here in the states. I'm assuming it's so it can ride the momentum of Amy's near sweep of the Grammys and Mark's win for producer of the year. Hopefully it will get a little more notice.

(This has nothing to do with nothing. But I just watched XXX with Vin Diesel. I love him. And I just stated flipping through the stations and another Vin Diesel movie is on. Take your shirt off...I mean, back to the original content.)

Duffy - Mercy
I first want to give a shout out of thanks to Leila for the heads up on this song. I LOVE this song. I really do. I guess the UK music industry is going through some sort of retro throwback movement and I'm not mad at it. There's something to be said for artists who can genuinely pay homage to the music of the past while putting a current spin on it.

And is it me or does it seem a bit ironic that the newest freshest things in the music world are based on the stuff that our parents and grandparents listened to?

Nikki Jean
There aren't too many people that can get away with covering a Sting song. But Nikki Jean's version of Sting's Be Still My Beating Heart is not to be hated on. I really like this chicks vibe. I stumbled across her looking for some stuff about Lupe Fiasco. Thus far I think my favorite song is 8 Blocks. If she does a show near me, I'm going to make a point to try to see her.

And since I brought him up...

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
I was flipping through the stations the other day and saw this video on BET of all places. It was #7 or so on the countdown. I assumed the target age demographic for a BET countdown is 12-17. So I guess maybe there is some hope for the children after all. And who is Matthew Santos (the guy singing the chorus)?

Who is calling my house at 1 in the morning...? Wait, why am I even up at 1 when I have to be at church in the morning?

Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me?
I heard this song on what I consider one of the best RnB stations ever the last time I was in Dallas. The problem I have with a lot of stations that label themselves as RnB is that they either play too much old stuff or that play too many songs that are only casually disguised as RnB. I don't really need a hip-hop collabo in every RnB song. I think that's why I like this song so much. It's Anthony Hamilton doing what he does best. SANGIN' not singing. SANGIN'. Plus the song just sounds so classic.

I have a couple of other songs but a boy I have crush on just IM'ed me. I'm such a chick sometimes.