Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm tired. My head hurts. I'm lonely. I'm in desperate need of some snuggle time. And it's 2 in the morning and I'm awake because of this headache. So how do I pass the time you ask. By filling out mindless surveys on myspace.

Here's the latest one. It was actually kind of fun.

Answer the question with a song title
My Best Friend is like:Best Friend - Queen

At my wedding they will play: Overjoyed - Stevie Wonder

My day will be like:Heaven - John Legend

If I got lost on a desert island I would yell: I'm Alive - Seal

I'll have a good day if I can hear: Children Say - Level 42

My guilty pleasure is: Throw Some D's - Rich Boy

My Alter Ego is: Deep Inside - Mary J. Blige

At my funeral they will play: Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins

Happiness is:Hard to Beat - Hard Fi

What I did last night: Quiet - (Pastor) John Mayer

My family is described as: Bruised But Not Broken - Joss Stone

My favorite thing to do is: Kissing You - Total

The best thing about me:Proper Nice - Joss Stone

My friends see me as: Real People - Common

My Birth was like: Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

How will I die:Be Still My Beating Heart - Sting

My make-out song is: Lesson Learned - Alicia Keys and John Mayer (I know that's a weird song to choose but that's my answer and I'm sticking to it.)

High School was like: Kids In America -The Muffs

The song that will be playing when I meet the love of my life:Miracles - Two Hearts (Pretty sure it will only be playing in my head but whatever)

Will I ever have kids:Yes - Kiki Sheard

My parents are:In Repair - (Pastor) John Mayer

My love life is inspired by:Happily Ever After - Case and Ordinary Just Won't Do - Commissioned (I couldn't just pick one for this one.)

My ultimate dance song:I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred (Shut it. That song rocks.)

My Theme Song:Look At Me Now - Kirk Franklin

Right now I feel: Anonymous - Bobby Valentino

My favorite thing is: Saturday - Marc Broussard (I love that song and what it's about. And Marc did this song the last time I saw him in concert. And he NEVER does this song live. He said it himself. It's like he knew it was one of my favorites....Shut up and let me have this. I'm ill.)

Okay, I'm going to go take some more drugs and try to get some sleep. Man, this sucks...

If you have the time and inclination feel free to post your answers to this in the comment box.

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