Monday, February 4, 2008

Speculative Tuesday- Tia

So tomorrow is Super Tuesday and I am no closer to knowing who I'm going to vote for. It's pretty much narrowed down but I have no idea who's going to get my vote when I walk into the booth tomorrow.

I keep hearing Tom Joyner say if you're not sure you should vote undecided. But it's coming down to the wire at this point and my undecided vote combined with a bunch of other people's undecided vote could make a huge difference. Y'all saw what happened in the last election.

I guess I'm going to have to watch the debates again and try to make a decision. And I encourage you to do the same. Know your candidate before you cast your vote. Know where they all stand on the issues that are important to you. Vote on the issues NOT on race or gender. Hate me if you want to, but you know I'm right. Just like you can't always vote along party lines, you can't always vote for a candidate because he's brown like you or a woman like you.

Anyway, if you live in a Super Tuesday state go out and rock the vote.

(Okay, this is slightly off topic but you like how Prez Bush is trying to pass the stimulus package at the end of his term so that he can go out on a good note. While I'm not about to sneeze at $600 extra dollars in my pocket, it's not going to make me forget the last 8 years. But hey, I'll take that $600. That's some extra padding on the savings account.)

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