Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sometimes I love my job - Tia
(I still can't spell check with blogger. Does anyone know what's up with that?)

So I just got an email from someone in HR saying that they wanted to thank me for my hard work and would be offering me (and some of the other employees) incentives as a way of saying thank you. The incentive is $400 that can be used for any one of the following catergories: spa services, luggage and/or lap top bags, airline club memberships, portable dvd players and movies and my personal favorite, MP3 players. Now mind you I have been scoffing at the new iPod touch. Until recently it only came in 16 GB. I could fill that without really trying. However, if someone else is going to buy one for me then the scoffing will cease. (It also now comes in 32 Gb which is bigger than my currently packed to capacity iPod. But it's $500.)

Now while I'm very grateful for the incentive, I'm a little weary about it. For one, my study alone has lost 5 team members since it started in October. People have either quit or moved to other positions. Secondly, I wonder if this is really an incentive or is it a bribe/pre-payment. Is it a bribe to keep those of us who are still here...well...here? Or is it a pre-payment for the hail storm of work that is about to rain down on us due to the smaller team? Fewer people means more work for those who remain.

Whatever the case, I'm getting a new iPod. I just hope that it doesn't cost me my soul.

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