Monday, February 11, 2008

Toya's 2nd Annual Grammy Live Blog

1. Frank and Alicia- I am finally an Alicia Keys fan since As I Am came out so I look forward to seeing her. I am so happy she got to open.
2. This Carrie Underwood performance is hot. JC Chasez is somewhere mad though.
3. Somebody had to hold me when Prince came on. Fine for no reason at all. The only man I would tolerate being prettier than me.
4. The Time????? I have two friends at the Grammys right now and I HATE THEM.
5. Who knew Rihanna would be around this long? Not me.
6. Cirque de soleil is making me dizzy. I need this to end well. Someone just brought boneless wings to my house. I don't care if this ends well.
7. This little boy singing Let It Be is a midget. He's gotta be. He's too young for that voice.
8. Someone just asked where Jason Bateman is from and I said The Hogan Family. DAMN I'm old!
9. YEAH YEEZY!!!!!!!! I love Kanye West and am so proud of him.
10. You will NOT make me cry, Kanye.
11. You can try all you want Fergie. I will never forgive you for My Humps or that "I miss you like a kid misses his blanket song." I don't care if you got up there and sang Amazing Grace.
12. Bouncy is a bad chick.
13. Tina Turner gets the Preserve Your Sexy Award of the evening...even in that Judy Jetson outfit.
14. What? No Ike Turner shout out? I'm sayin'!
15. Why is Nelly Furtado hogging the mic? Rosalyn what's her face didn't read not one line.
16. Alicia Keys AND John Mayer??? Lesson Learned???? Could it be??? Jesus be a waymaker!
17. Dave Grohl is a, umm, a blessing . I'm a liar. Tia and I were just on the phone saying dirty things about Dave and Taylor. I'm sorry Lord... And Mrs. Grohl.
18. What if Amy Winehouse is a hot mess? What if she sings the whole song from her Lazy Boy chair? Would I be mad? Not at all.
19. This Brad Paisley "Tick" song is NOT happening.
20. HAHA! I guess Kanye told yall!
21. Ludacris introduced the Gospel portion? The Lord knows your heart.
22. Aretha Franklin is in spaghetti straps and I feel self conscious wearing tank tops? Note to self:You MUST own your sexy.
23. Please bow down before the Clark Sisters. Three Grammys tonight!
24. Since when did Justin Guarini start singing with Israel and the New Breed (Hi Grant :-) ) ?
25. Darnell just asked if Dierks Bentley had a cup on underneath his suit. I mean that joint was TIGHT.
26. Yes, Feist.
27. Whose drunken idea was this to have Kid Rock collaborate with this woman? AND Dave Koz? This is like a bad dream after a night of eating too much pizza. And she was flirting with Kid Rock too. I just threw up in my mouth a little.
31. DAVE AND TAYLOR WON!!!! Tia we did it!!!! Oh wait...
32. John and's going down. Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me...
33. Yall are wrong for how yall dress Stevie. JUST WRONG.
34. Minister, John! Let the Lord use you! Let Him use you!
35. Ringo Starr has been up here too many times.
36. Did Amy Grant just tongue her husband Vince Gill when he won? I aint mad at her. Steady on! Steady on, Amy!
37. Is Taylor Swift in her prom dress? Sadie Hawkin dance dress? How old is this child?
38. Amy's background singers/dancers are TOO serious. This is the best Amy Winehouse performance I've ver seen.
39. Favorite Grammy moment EVER: Amy Winehouse's acceptance moment. That's real. It's like, like when Biggie won at the Source Awards. "We did it Brooklyn!"
40. Jerry Lee Lewis is a thousand years old.
41. Little Richard needs to be the spokesperson for the next MAC campaign, I declare!
42. Umm, Album of the Year... I didn't even know about this Herbie Hancock record. Good for him. I need for Kanye to NOT say anything stupid.
43. The ending? What the hell?! Hey at least Souljah Boy didn't win.

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