Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Matt Morris Update- Toya
I'm not even sure if Matt Morris lives in Nashville anymore but Tia and I have a running joke that if we EVER see him ordering food at a restaurant in Nashville, we will slip the waiter a $20 bill to get his food to go so he can get his next album out because it has been WAY to long since "Unspoken" came out.
Matt Morris' record "Unspoken" is a record that I have often lent to other artists friends so they can hear what perfection sounds like. As far as concept albums, it is one of my favorites. When Tower went out of business, I went and bought all of them so I can "lend" them to people, meaning I keep a couple of copies at the house in case I don't get my lenders back. I don't want to lose friends over a CD. LOL!
As we reported a ways back, Matt Morris has been signed to Justin Timberlake's Tennman Records. If you've been itching for new music like we have or you don't know about this BGLU Approved artist (I think he was the first actually), head on over to for updates and You Tube clips on what he is working on in the studio. I tried to listen at work but yall know I am quick to shout, so I had to cut him off. But you? Enjoy.

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