Friday, February 29, 2008

Honesty Part Deaux- Tia

Okay so who knew that post was going to piss people off so much? I had no idea. I mean, for real, my post and my comments got me slammed via the interweb and even got me deleted by one of my myspace friends. But I guess the sure fire way to piss people off is to talk about religion or politics. (I still want a Barack the Vote shirt. Regardless of the outcome. They're cute and clever.)

So I'm adding a caveat on my last post. I still stand by what I said. But I wanted to clear up a minuscule point. Toya and I were talking and she mentioned that she disagreed with what I said about a person being able to help who they fall for. She cited a person that she'd had a situation with in the past and I realized where she was coming from. Now while I truly believe that feelings are a trip and sometimes can't be controlled, I also believe that you can help falling TOO HARD for someone. By that I mean, if you know that someone is going to be bad for you (say he's a violent drug user) and yet you allow yourself to knowingly fall in love with him, then that's on you. If you go in knowing that a person has a situation that you just can't deal with but you willing go anyway, then it's up to you. Every woman has some things that she's just not willing to compromise on. But if that woman is so desperate for a man that she's willing to compromise on the things that she previously said she wouldn't, then she can't get mad when those things begin to to drive her up a wall and/or begin to destroy or degrade who she is. Does that make sense? I'm sure you'll holla back in the comments if it doesn't.

And to my anonymous posters: It's a blog. By it's very definition it's going to be the sole opinion of the author. And like Salt-n-Pepa said, "Opinions are like a**holes and everybody's got them." If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But not agreeing with you doesn't make me wrong. It just means that we don't agree with each other. I never intentionally go out to hurt people's feelings. But I do have an opinion. I do have beliefs. And I stand by them. Like I said before, a person is nothing without their convictions. And while I will agree that in the name of religion people and their "convictions" have gone too far (The Spanish Inquisition, The "colonization" of the Native American, 9/11) I stand by what I believe wholeheartedly and I don't back down. And at the end of the day I want to be able to look you in the face and know that even though we might not agree, I can love and respect you as a person and as one of God's children.

Anyway, that was pretty much all I had to say. I gotta get moving.


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