Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Grammys - Tia

- I love Alicia Keys but I hope this isn't the only song she's going to sing. While she is killing this old song that I don't know, I would much rather hear her sing Like You'll Never See Me Again or in a perfect world Lesson Learned. Oh and I LOVE that dress she's wearing. She is forever my girl crush.

- Carrie Underwood...Meh
She's no Martina but she's got a decent voice....okay she just hit the money note at the end. So maybe she's better than I thought.

I freakin' love that tiny little man.

- OH LORD...they just said Beyonce is going to perform with Tina Turner. There's about to be an explosion of raw emotion.

- YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW THAT'S NOT MORRIS DAY!!!!! They are doing Jungle Love. This has officially made my night. For real, y'all, this makes me happier than anything else that has happened today.

- Does Rihanna know the significance of what is happening to her? I mean, does she understand that she's performing with THE TIME? I wonder if she really gets it. I would be losing my mind. Does she know how prolific The Time are? Has she seen Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge? The minute I saw Morris Day I would have probably screamed in his face...then acted like a professional. But know that my initial response would be screaming directly in his face.

- I love Please, Don't Stop the Music. I run this song daily.

- I have The Beatles 1. (I'm still bothered that Across the Universe isn't on there but whatever.) I'm a fan. I respect what they did and love some much of their work. I've even been to Abbey Road. But the Cirque Du Soleil portion of the tribute was scary as hell.
I think I need to rent Across the Universe.

- I don't like Miley Cyrus with dark hair.

- I think Taylor Swift is so overrated. I just don't get the appeal. Her lyrics are so elementary. That song that they run on VH1 is so...trivial. (Can you tell I ain't feeling her...?)

- Get off the stage Jason Bateman and show me my boyfriend Taylor Hawkins. Okay, seriously, enough of this audience participation...Bring on the Foo.

- Ever since Kanye's mom passed away I haven't looked at him the same. While I was a fan of his music before, I wasn't a fan of him. But seeing him breakdown when his mom passed made me see that he's just a man. He's human. And for sone reason he became endearing to me.

But even so, I'm not feeling the
Tron theme.

Wait, he's not doing Hey Mama is he? Aww, I want to hug him. Was Carrie Underwood just crying?

- What song is this that Fergie is doing? And am I the only person who thinks "K-i-d-s, Kids Incorporated" when they see Fergie?

- I really wanted Hairspray to win Best Compilation, but I knew it wasn't happening. They already did a Beatles tribute and that pretty much cemented the fact that it was going to be a Beatles night.

- I love that Cher can joke about her age. She's a bad broad, though, no matter how old she is.

- But TINA TURNER is the baddest chick. She is almost 70 and she's still doin' it. And doin' it well.

Only Toya understands why I'm SOOOO HAPPY that Tina Turner just started Better Be Good To Me.

- I go back and forth on Beyonce. Sometimes I LURVE her. Other times I think she's extra. She walked a fine line betwixt the two tonight, but ultimately ended up on a good note. I am glad to see she's put some weight back on. She was looking real frail for a while there.

- I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really just SCREAMED "I love you Taylor" at the television. It is for just cause that Toya and I have never seen the Foo Fighters in person. Someone would be bailing us out of jail because I would hurt Taylor so bad. I have loved him since he drummed for Alanis Morrisette. There is nothing pure about the way I feel about Taylor. Not one thing...Taylor seriously, if you're reading, hollatme...

- I like some country. I can't get enough of Rascal Flatts. Martina McBride is the Mariah Carey of country music. Garth Brooks is the consummate performer. But this song that Brad Paisley is a prime example of why most people think that country music is made by a bunch of inbred rednecks. I'd Like to Check You for Ticks...REALLY?!?!?! Is that supposed to be sexy? Is a girl supposed to be turned on by that? Does that work?

- I love little Chris Brown but he looks like he just came from a clown wedding.

- Solange's make-up...COMMON...COMMON....COMMON....
Sorry, they showed Common. That's a beautiful man. Like I was saying, Solange's make-up is beautiful, but I'm not feeling that dress. She's a pretty girl, but she could have rocked a better dress for her form. It's probably from the House of Deadwrong.

- I'm not mad at Kanye. NOT MAD AT ALL....
And they act like they don't know him. They know how he acts. But I see they turned the music off.

- Okay, I initially didn't recognize Bebe Winans even though Luda said he was going to be up there. The first thing I thought was, "Why is Andre Harrell on stage with Aretha?"

- I'm really so glad that they're doing this gospel montage. This is the closest that a lot of people will ever get to church. And honestly, I'm glad that the Grammys decided to show that Christian music isn't a bunch of hymnal music. Oh but I see 'Retha is about to take 'em to church.

- I have a friend who likens Feist to Joni Mitchell. I can't really get past that 1, 2, 3, 4 song enough to listen to anymore of her music. That song drives me bananas and not in a good way. I guess I should give her a chance. But I seriously can't get past that song.

- Toya and I are kindred spirits. Why, you ask? Because we sometimes think the same thing at the same time. For instance, when Kid Rock started singing Black Magic with...whoever they said that was, I got a text from her that said the same thing that I was thinking, "NO BOB."

- WHO IS THAT WOMAN KISSING MY BOYFRIEND, TAYLOR?!? She clearly means very little to him. I know because when the Foo Fighters won, kissing her wasn't his first thought. Clearly he was trying to figure out who was going to hold his coat. And then THAT GIRL saw Dave Groehl kissing HIS WIFE and felt it her obligation to place her lips on my baby. Don't she know I will cut a chick.

- The announcer just said that Alicia Keys is performing with John Mayer. Maybe they will do Lesson Learned after all...

- Nope, she's doing No One. Whatever, I still love her. She's a bad broad.

- If not for the Lord (and the fact that I don't know him) John Mayer could have it. That's all I have to say about that.

- I love Rihanna's new cut. She's adorable.

- I love Jay-Z's "translation"

- Toya just texted me to say that the show was entirely too long. I couldn't agree more. I've actually been watching Logan's Run during the breaks...and some of the performances. I need this to wrap up. They are losing me with a quickness.

- Amy Winehouse is so talented. Troubled..but talented. She looks healthy. Well, healthy for her. I love this song. Wait, is she singing this song to Blake? Is she saying, she's cheated on Blake? Wait, what is really going on? I'm so confused.

I FREAKIN' LOVE that she's doing Rehab. And yes YOU DO have an idea why you're in rehab. Now you're just lying.

- I love how GENIUELY shocked Amy Winehouse just looked that she just won Song...Album...?Whatever of the Year.

- I'm bored.

- I'm clearly not the target demographic for Josh Grobin so I won't even comment. But I can appreciate the song he is doing.

- Is Jerry Lee Lewis still married to his cousin?

- Little Richard has that shake-n-go weave in tonight. He couldn't afford that good Indian hair?
- I’m so tired I won’t even complain about the ending of the show.

- I think I just deleted a bunch of stuff I typed earlier. Oh well...


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