Monday, February 18, 2008

From the Book of John- Toya

We haven't blogged since last week so you know what that means. It is REAL special on the set of No Sex in the City.

Tia sent me a text the oher day asking me to pray for her without getting specific. Because I know the fire has been turned up quite a bit or us and those around us, I didn't even ask. I responded something like "Keep your head up. Remember, they've never gone this far without a kill before."

I like when people act like when things get hard, you should just act like glory, glory hallelujah all the time. And by like, I mean..please spare me. Even Jesus was in the garden talking about "Father if you would take this cup from me..." However, you do need to get up and fight back against whatever your particular Vultures may be. Don't stay wallowing. For me, I don't start fighting back until I get mad. It's not until satan hits me with the lowest blow that I am like "Hold up! Is this what we're doing now? No. And I'm pissed that you even thought I was falling for that. Now Jesus, where are my boxing gloves?"

My favorite line in Vultures is "I wanted water but I walked through the fire." How many times have we wanted what would seem to be a simple solution to extinguish a problem but instead God says "Guess what? I bet you didn't even know that you were bad enough to walk through this bad boy." That's encouraging to me that He thinks I am strong enough to walk through it when I want to throw in the towel.

Wheels up, everyone. 2008 is a bumpy ride.

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