Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For this bullshishery I have no words - Tia

So pretty much every morning without fail I watch Robin Meade on Headline News. I love her. She is so cute and perky and she calls her viewers "Sunshine." You can't beat that with a stick. This morning was no exception. I had to get up before 9 because I have to work on site today. And let me tell you I was not loving it. But early rising or not I'm watching HN. (and then videos on VH1.)

As I was getting ready there was a teaser clip about a story involving 2 girls who were kicked off of a flight for...being too pretty. Now I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth but I just HAD to see what this was about. After the commercial break the reporter began to tell the story of two girls who felt they were treated poorly by Southwest. And the only explanation they could come up with was that they were too pretty. Now mind you, one of these broads got into an altercation that involved profanity with another passenger on the flight. But of course that had nothing to do with it.

After the piece was over, they cut back to Robin Meade who is always the epitome of poise and she, like myself, was laughing. She stated, "Ohhhh, I'm SURE there's more to this story."

This is my thing. Southwest is about their money. They're not just going to randomly kick someone off a flight and ban them from ever flying with them again. That affects their money. (Is it effect or affect? I seriously could never figure that out in grammar school.) And Southwest is the only airline that has consistently posted quarterly profits when all of the other airlines are in the red and/or filing bankruptcy. They might make you change your clothes, but unless you show your behind, they're pretty much cool with anything. These broads here are just delusional or something. And like Robin said, I'm sure there's more to this story than what we were told.

You can watch the story here. But I think these chicks need to go somewhere and sit down.

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