Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Fight of My Life- Toya

I know I usually name my blogs after songs but my whole life right now can pretty much be summed up by this album. Even the song with the little boy pleading with men to father their children. This song reminds me of some men in my life that can't get passed some things because they didn't have a man to show them how.

Kirk wrote this song called "I Am God" that I swear not since James Morrison's "Wonderful World" has a song perfectly captured my emotions in the exact moment as this one has:

Think I'm gonna walk away
You're messing up my life today
This time I refuse to pray
Still you keep calling me
I don't wanna see your face
The thing I love you erased
Nothing but an empty space
Now I don't know how to be
I know it wasn't right for me.
What you like aint what you need.
I feel like I'm in surgery
Still you cut deeper

My secrets within
My blanket of sin
Lord how much longer 'till ya through with me
Please take what you need
Can I get up now!?

Be still and know I am God
Be still and know I am God

He may as well dubbed this record, "Fight of My Life: Songs inspired by the movie, Toya at 33." If you have EVER remotely identified with anything I have ever written on this blog, this is your new soundtrack for this chapter in your life. .

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