Monday, February 4, 2008

Did anyone else know...-Tia

that Snow was still doing music? I mean, he has a myspace and everything.

I was wasting time on Facebook playing that iLike music challenge game and some song that Snow did called Legal came up. And if I could just take a moment, the iLike game is freakin' addictive as crack. I played it for an hour straight. If you like music like I do you probably don't need to play. If you do just plan on kissing at least an hour of you time goodbye. You will sit there and click and click and click. And then before you know it you have 3000 points and you're missing and hour of your day.

Anyway, who knew that Snow was still doing music. The song that he did was from the L Word Soundtrack and I don't thnk that show has been on for more than 3 years or so, right? So it's fairly recent. But I have to be honest, I was really surprised when I saw the name Snow. And while I'm thinking about it, does anyone know why he's banned from the US unless he's doing a show? I know he did some time just before Informer came out but I thought that was for assault. And folks like Snoop and Suge Knight are known for whoopin' an ass and they walk the streets freely (*coughSugehad2Packilledcough*) so I would think that even if Snow whooped up on someone they would still let him in. Anyway, if you have the details let me know. And for your viewing pleasure:

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