Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This May Come As a Surprise to Some But...- Toya

I am not remotely in favor of a New Kids reunion. I can barely even say it. "NEW KIDS"? "New" AND "Kids". Nah dude.

I still think nobody told Danny though.

And I know Donnie's show got cancelled and all but he doesn't have to do this. And do we REALLY want to see Jon? Come on yall! Be fair. "Are You Down?" Nah, dude, nah.

I need to know what sparked this rumor though. Something is behind this. Now don't get me wrong, Tia and I WOULD go if some or all of them came to town. Wewouldn't miss it. But do I think it is a good idea? No. It would be interesting if it happened in any capacity though. Maybe they can get Perfect Gentlemen, Homework and The Goat Brothers to open. How on earth did I remember all of them?

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