Sunday, January 27, 2008

Runaway (Bon Jovi) -Toya

You are right, Tina. I am so crazy.

"Umm, I think I'm on a date". This is what I mass texted about 6 of my friends from the bathroom of a coffee shop. Troy, my company that evening, insists that I am an enigma. Some sort of mystery woman. One day I just flat out told him that if he just had coffee with me for about a half hour, he would see that I'm really not that deep. At this he smiled and said "I will pursue that." Um, o-o- okay?

I've had guys repeatedly "threaten" to take me out before with no follow through whatsoever so I wasn't holding my breath but low and behold one random Tuesday he called and asked me out for coffee. We met up and I stood back waiting for him to order and pay so I then could order and pay. He turned and said "Toya, what do you want?" "Oh, thanks Troy." I said and then I ordered my new favorite, a sugar free vanilla soy steamer. "So where do you work?". He asked.

Let me take this time to insert a weird dream that I had recently. I had this dream that I was on a date with someone who had invited some of his friends to dinner. They start singing karaoke and someone brings out a cake. One of his friends comes up to me and says, "Do you know what this is about?" I shook my head. He went onto say that it was to celebrate my one month anniversary. A one month anniversary to someone who I didn't even know I was seeing like that but apparently he thought we were. I knew I didn't really like this guy and was just going through the motions. Blank faced, I looked at the cake and then to this man singing karaoke to me and just like some sort of crazed super hero my fist shot straight up and I turbo boosted straight up into the air! I mean just shot straight up for yards and yards, coasted off and flew to the mall for some retail therapy thinking, "Whew,that was close." Dunh dunh dunh duuuuuuunh, The Adventures of Commitment Phobe Woman!!! What in the h

I initially freak out when guys show interest in me first be it the right ones or the wrong ones. Yes, I am a spaz if you have not figured this out from reading this blog long enough. If a guy likes a challenge, I am that one (though it seems like most don't anymore). I get weird, I get "busy", and I push limits. Or at least I used to. I mean it's been a while. A LONG while. I'm hoping I'm not that girl anymore.

So I told him where I worked and the guy making our drinks goes "You work there? Hey do you know...?" Turns out we are in the same field and know a bunch of the same people. The barista and I talked for about ten minutes. He got so distracted that he made my drink wrong. As he started to remake it, I excused myself and went to the ladies room where I sent out my text saying that Troy said he would pursue getting to know me better so there we were. These were my responses:

Tia: "I think it's a pre-date."-best answer in my opinion.
Lizzie: "Who is it?"
Jared:"I believe that you are. Sounds like he's doing it the right way ;-)"
AM: "It so is. Make out and end the drought."

"Do not clam up on this man", I thought as I left the bathroom. I picked up my freshly made drink and went to our table. I asked him about his day, his work and pretty much anything else so the conversation wouldn't turn to me. And then he asked "How did you get to Nashville?" That question requires the longest answer in the history of the entire world. As I explained, I thought to myself that this was not so bad. In fact it was rather...normal. I didn't feel a twitch in my arm to fly off, I didn't freak out wondering what it was he really expected of me. It was cool.

Aftwerwards, I wrote everyone back saying that I didn't necessarily think it was a date but maybe a pre-date at best. Either way, it was nice to be asked out. He asked if we could have coffee again later on that week and I honestly was busy and couldn't but who knows? I would consider going out again and not giving him the "ya know, I'm just really busy" speech that I used to shell out all the time. I mean for God's sake, it's just coffee.

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