Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I usually don't do this - Tia

I feel like there are enough gossip sites on the interweb for BGLU to not be one. Yeah, we may bring up random celeb info/gossip from time to time. But for the most part we write about us. I mean, it's our blog. Why would we want to spend time talking about someone else? But sometimes there are just questions that have to be asked.

I stumbled across this picture on one of the black gossip sites. The first thing I thought when I opened the picture was, "Harrison Ford is going to be mad at Robin for stealing his Indian Jones hat." Then I looked at Paula and thought, "Is she pregnant?" I just finished watching Deja Vu and I don't remember her being as curvy as she looks in this picutre. PLEASE understand that I'm not in any way, shape, or form saying that she doesn't look great. The girl is FIYAH all day everyday. But the chesticles are looking a bit more full. And maybe it's the babydoll empire waist top thingie she's wearing, but it's looking suspiciously like she's got the makings of a baby bump. Now I could be all kinds of wrong and the angle in which the picture was taken in combination with the style of the dress just made her look preggo. But if she is in the family way, good for them. I know their offspring will be banging and talented to boot.

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