Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am Still Not Ready to Talk About This- Toya

This alleged New Kids on the Block reunion? *sigh* That is not a sigh of rejoice, trust me.,,20174022,00.html

I can't wait for Tia to get back so we can talk about this. I mean, I almost want to put all BGLU readers on a conference call because this begs to be discussed. Someone please come forth with an explanation soon.

Does anyone remember when they tried to reunite them on VH1 and they rolled up on Danny Wood who was NOT having it? My man had just dropped off his kids at school and they met him at the gate. They couldn't even show the confrontation, he wild out so bad. I met Danny and Donny once (long story) and well, Danny really is not be messed with. I will leave it at that. I do need to tell that story one day, it's hilarious. Anyway, we need more information. I need to know that this is for some charity, some reality show that benefits charity or one of them needs a kidney and is a charity. There has got to be some legitimate reason. So if someone from Robin Thicke's and Marc Broussard's camp can find us, will someone from the NKOTB camp contact us please? Be it Maurice Starr, Biscuit, Robo. Um, not Robo actually. Yeah, I need to write up that story soon.

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