Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year - Tia
I thought it was interesting that both Toya and I did nothing today.

I had a fairly low key New Year's. I went to church and met a beautiful boy named Jonathan, who sidled up next to me out of nowhere and asked me if I wanted to sit with him. Nice guy, loves Jesus, tall, probably about 22 years old, you know the type. Anyway, through him I met some other people and ended up going to a small after church New Year's get together. Got home around 2:30. Went to bed at 4. Got up after noon. Went back to bed around 2. Got up at 5. Made some chocolate chip pancakes that I'd been feenin' for throughout the whole of my dreamless sleep. Went to the gym. Watched Biggest Loser. (Ummm...yeah, I have a crush on Bob the trainer. Although, I think he may bat for the other team. But the tats all up and down his arms make me want to believe that I have a shot. And since he was born and raised in Nashville, there is a better than average chance that he will be there visiting family at some point and I can run into him casually and ask him what his interests are...who you be with?) And now I am back in the bed, listening to Adele. Not a bad day. Not a productive day. Just a day. Happy New Year, y'all.

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