Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update on My Mom and Bet's Sunday Best Show- Toya

To all that have voted for my mother to be on BET's Sunday Best, thank you SOOO very much! She came in second place in online voting! This means that in 2 weeks we fly down to Atlanta for her to audition in front of Bebe Winans and Mary Mary. I don't know who is more nervous, her or me.

My mom is so excited but even more so in shock. Whenever anybody mentions it she says "Do you believe it? Little old me!?" This is when my jaded, overprotective, music industry side comes into play. Sure all that sweet southern flavored modesty worked for our girl Melinda Doolittle but I want my mom to own this. I don't ever want her to feel as if she doesn't deserve to compete. She doesn't have to win (she really just wants to meet Kirk Franklin and hopefully some day get on a Tyler Perry movie) but she is really looking forward to this experience. And as great of an opportunity that this can be for her, I constantly have to keep my skepticism in check. I mean it's network television, it's reality television, it's the music industry and it's MY MOTHER. I almost feel like a parent who is frightened for their child who comes to them and tells them that they have been accepted into the police academy. While taking her to the airport during her visit, I turned to her and apologized for my "We'll see" killjoy of an attitude. "Look, please understand that my skepticism is not at all a reflection of me doubting how gifted and talented you are. I hope that you know that. It's just that I am really on edge about how this industry can be and I don't want you to be disappointed." I then went on to apologize and told her that after praying about how I could change my attitude, I discovered that no matter where this may lead, all I really need to do is be supportive and enjoy this experience with her; not be Joe Jackson. So please keep my mother in prayer and while you are at it please keep me in prayer that I keep my attitude in check.
Single Ladies- Toya
I so wish I could get sick of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" but I just can't. That song is all kinds of fun.

During my recent visit home to New Jersey for the holidays I met up with my childhood friend Mike. Mike and I have known each other for almost 30 years (the fact that I know anyone for 30 years is appalling to be honest).  He was in a mid-thought when he stopped and suspiciously looked at me and asked “Why are YOU not married?” I know Mike’s inflections about as well as I know my own so I know what he was really trying to say. “You are wondering what am I doing in Nashville? Like I have some sort of sheisty dealings going on down there; some sort of buckwild double life  maybe?” “Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah” he replied slowly while giving me a side eye.  I smiled and said “I don’t know really.” I went on to say that with me turning 34 that week, I could honestly say that I was happy that I wasn’t.  I have been fortunate enough to have ran into who I thought could be The One at least 4 times proving that what you like sometimes isn’t what you need.

I used to not handle this question with such ease though.  I am sure that I am not the only single woman that has felt attacked by those who ask why they are not married and then is hit with a barrage of accusations of what they must be doing wrong.  I used to get very defensive when I was asked why I was not married in an effort to protect my own feelings. The accusation that used to irritate me the most was “You just gotta put yourself out there.” Now any one of my friends will tell you there aren’t too many people in this city more “out there” than I am.  When my dad came to visit me, he told my mother that he was amazed at how many people knew me in Nashville. “She’s so popular! I mean, she could run for Miss Nashville she knows so many people.”  I am constantly out and constantly networking and for this I get accused of being too intimidating and that I seem like I don't need anything.  I don’t think I am alone when I say that feeling attacked for not being married and it being my fault can be hurtful especially when feeling attacked from someone whose opinion I value.

A few years ago, I was back at the church I grew up in and I was eager to see my pastor’s wife.  I adore my pastor’s wife as she has always had this regal quality to her.  I grew up in a church where she and my pastor urge women to not chase men; To love the Lord first and know that they were worth pursuing. They were also really quick to point out that desperation is ugly even for the prettiest woman.  So when I walked up to her one Sunday to say hello, I was completely shocked that the first thing she asked me was “Are you engaged?”  I mean, no “Hi how are you, how is your career” nothing.  Startled I said no to which she replied “Well are you looking?”  Even more taken aback I again replied no. By the look on her face you would’ve thought I said “Why yes I am engaged and I would like for you to meet my fiancĂ©, Wanda Sykes.” “You’re not looking?????” she asked. Absolutely confused by where this was going I said “Well, I thought we weren’t supposed to look.”  In the most condescending tone I have heard since I was six, she said “Ooohhh. You are waiting for him to find you. Well as long as he doesn’t come along and you miss him.”  She then went on about her way and I stood there stuck in my tracks. I was devastated.

I was devastated because I felt lied to. I felt that what she taught us was only valid until you hit about 30. If you aren’t married by 30 then everything previously taught was null and void, so you better get to finding that man.  Oh and you better look real hard because if you miss him, that’s it. There is only ONE bus. There is only ONE fish. What is that?  I considered writing her a letter but my dad said her opinion shouldn’t matter that much to me. My mom wasn’t happy one bit and recently in response to what my pastor’s wife said to me almost three years ago, she did the most gangsta thing I have ever heard my mother do in my entire life.

Last month my church held their annual women’s retreat.  During one of the sessions, a woman in her forties I have known for years testified about how she had put marriage on such a high pedestal in her life that it became an idol. The pressure to become married and constantly wondering what she was doing wrong had taken its toll on her. She became so desperate that she was very close to compromising a lot of her values. Now she can say that she is in a good place where being married is a desire of her heart but it doesn’t run her life in such a way that she has it on hold while waiting to be married.  After she was done speaking, they went into the Q&A portion of the session.  All the way in the back of the room my mother stood up but she didn’t have a question. She did however have an answer.

The way she tells it, she began by saying that on behalf of all of the married women she wanted to apologize to all of the single women for being so insensitive and pressuring us to get married. Now my mother has NEVER done this. She just recently started talking about some grandkids but she has never pressured me on being married.  She soon followed her apology with “And when you see my daughter Toya, don’t you dare ask her why she isn’t married. If you are really concerned about her then you need to ask her about her life. Ask her how she is doing and not if she has a man or not.  We all know that Toya could have been married seven times by now but she is doing this God’s way which is the way she was brought up.” I know that my mom was heated because she really doesn’t remember all that she said. I know when I get confrontational I have a hard time later remembering what I said. All I remember usually is the look of shock and awe on the person’s face after I come to after blacking out. Well whatever she said must have been seriously convicting because she said numerous women came up to her afterwards apologizing to her for pressuring me to get married (not including my pastor’s wife though).  I am telling you, that Willie Mae is gangsta! I went to my hometown church during the holidays and not one person even said word one to me about a man.

Like I said, I am now not defensive  at all when I get asked why I am not married yet. Hey it’s better than people NOT being surprised that I am not married yet. Ever hear of a woman that is kind of homely get married and someone says “Well, I guess there is somebody for everybody”? Yeah, I am alright not being that woman.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels about the matter. I need to be okay with the way things are and I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more content.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is- Toya

I think it's no secret that Common can say some things to me that I would no less than call the cops on someone who even attempted the same. He's just that ridiculous.

It's been quiet on this blog and as I have said before, that means that there is a lot going on and when I have a chance to write about it, ,yall we be the first (in cyberspace) to know. 2009 is going to be a serious "piss or get up off the pot" year for me.

Friday is my birthday and I should've scheduled more time by myself this week than I have. I do have a hotel booked for two nights compliments of some friends. I think I just need a morning to sit back and go "WHAT IN THE HECK WAS 2008 ABOUT?" Hopefully 2009 will give me an answer.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well Since We are Talking About All Things N*sync...-Toya

If you are not hip to N*sync's take on K-Ci and Jo Jo's "In Love On Christmas" and are an N*sync fan, you need to be down. Personally, I am down for any Christmas song I can do a body roll too. Some may consider it sacrilege to dance to a Christmas song like it's H-Town's "Knockin' Da Boots" but that's not my problem. Enjoy.

PS. If you too appreciate a good Christmas slow jam, I highly recommend Boyz II Men's "Christmas Interpretations" album. It's the best of all time in my opinion.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm going to fight him - Tia

If JC Chasez does not come out with some quality hits soon, I swear I'm going to FIGHT him directly in his eye.

This is my joint. People slept on JC's first album. It took about 3 years to fully grow on me and I'm a fan of his. But this Dear Goodbye was always my joint.

JC, you walk up and down the street all day playing. Ain't nobody playing here but you. (Sorry. I was watching clips from Friday earlier.)

Sacrilege - Tia

So here's the thing. I think Christopher Cross' Sailing is one of the best songs EVER written. And I do mean EVER. I think Toya describes it perfectly when she says, "It actually SOUNDS like what it's. It sounds like Sailing."

I remember how excited I would get when this song would come on the radio. One afternoon at the tender age of about five I figured out how to work the tape recorder and taped it off the radio and listened to it over and over. I LOVED this song.

I'm usually not a fan of remakes. But Nsync KILT this song. That 5 part harmony is SICK SICK SICK. And (here's where the sacrilege comes in) I actually think I like their version a little bit better than the original. It's not much more. Just a smidge really. It's like Nsync's is in 1st place and Christopher Cross' version is in 1st and 1/2 place. (I KNOW that makes no sense. Just run with it.)

Avant took it upon himself remake this song. I don't hate it but he's no Christopher Cross. You can listen to it here.

There's not too much that needs to be done to the song. And it would take a whole lot to screw it up. Christopher Cross is a genius. Don't even get me started on Ride Like The Wind.

(If you were born after about '83 Christopher Cross is probably lost on you.)
Tis The Season...-Tia
...for pictures of children who are scared to death of Santa Claus. I don't know why but these pictures warm my heart.

This one is an all time favorite.
This little girl is just pitiful. It's like she just gave up.
"I told mommy that I didn't care about this scary fat man. She NEVER listens. HMPF!!!"
This little girl would rather pull her hair out than sit on Santa's lap. That's real fear right there. This one is a little disturbing. What is he saying to her?
"If you pee on me you won't get any toys."
This kid is not even trying to let go.
This child is NEVER going to trust Santa. And this is best side eye I've ever seen a child give Santa. These were some of my favorites. If you have some of your own (especially if they're of you) and you want them posted, feel free to send them in.
It's the Most Germ Ridden Time of the Year-Toya

I've been sick with some flu like something for about 3 days and I am PISSED about it because there is so much that I was trying to do. I have 2 business plans to work on and some potential clients that I would like to reach out to and I sound awful.  I am making it my personal business to get better and stop walking around this house looking like this...

You laugh but it's real.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Really????- Tia

First off, I'm typing this from my phone and it doesn't have
predictive text so my fault for the typos.

Once again I have met the most amazing guy. We have TOO much in
common. He's tall. He loves Jesus. He loves kids. He's leaving for
grad school in MA in January.

What the hell?

I'm so over meeting these fantastic guys...with a catch. This guy was
amazing. His only flaw was that he's a North Carolina fan. But that's
fixable. He laughed at all my stupid jokes. He didn't make me feel
stupid when I made a mildly inappropriate joke. He even got me
something to drink even though his boy called him whipped for doing

I'm tired and it's way late. I just needed to vent.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!- Toya

"Whooooa put your eatin' dress on, put your eat-in dress on..." sung like Beyonce's "Freakum Dress" (you know you like food way too much when you compose gluttony carols)

There is so much to be grateful for, I don't care how you look at it. 

1) Your family might drive you crazy but at least you have a family to be with. If you are spending Thanksgiving somewhere else, at least you won't be alone. If you will be eating alone, hey, at least you will be eating.
2) If you are like me and fearing the extra pounds that you know you don't need because you are already on the reserve bench for Team Chunk, hey at least you aren't going hungry. So many people today are.
3) If you are working retail like me and have to work on tomorrow's Black Friday, shout hallelujah that you even have a job.

And so on and so forth...

My mom flies in today for a week long visit. Kind of nervous about that because I wasn't sure if I had a enough for us to do for a week. I did manage to swing us two tickets to Anthony Hamilton sing his face off this Sunday. I think it's going to be a good week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Angel Taylor News
According to her Myspace page, our favorite girlfriend in the head Angel Taylor has a new website up.  Check out www.angeltayloronline.com and sign up for a free MP3 from her new record due out next Spring. Also, she's going on the road with Adele and Brett Dennen. Check her Myspace page for dates.
In Case You Missed It - Tia

Beyonce pretty much had the best performance last night at the AMAs. She shut it all the way down. I mean, she even had the middle aged white women (3:38) dancing along.

She's a bad broad. I'm still not buying her cd though. I've listened to it a couple of times. I'm not really feeling it. But this performance was enough to get my $.99 on iTunes.

One thing though, did the ponytail holding up at the end mean anything? You know I'm not up on what's hip these days. So I didn't know if she was making a statement or just being different or whatever...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One More Thing - Tia

Annie Lennox is THE BUSINESS!!

That is all.
Tia's Take on the AMAs

- Christina Aguilera can sing and she can also OVERSING. Holy crap man, how many riffs does ONE song need? I am loving the medley of her catalog though. I'll admit it, I'm a fan. Not a super fan, but a fan. I've got a couple of her cds and know most of her singles. OOOOH...that Ain't No Other Man is my JOINT. I know that WHOLE song, inflictions, key changes.....everything.
And she is just bound and determined to hold on to that red lipstick, huh? I mean....I guess. If that's what she likes.

- "Christina Aguilera had a baby and Mariah Carey married one." RAHAHAHAHAHAHA

- David Archeleta still annoys me. Sorry Toya.

- Jamie Foxx is apparently about to introduce Ne-Yo. I mean, after he shamelessly plugs his album. Oh....well I guess he's NOT inroducing Ne-Yo.

- Jimmy Kimmel is boring me. And I think I dislike him for the company he keeps.

- OOOHH...New Kids...Let's see how it goes.
Donnie can still get it. They seem a little off tonight. Let's see if this version of DD will make up for the video. Jon is FINE.

Well, the performance was okay. It started off real special, but they recovered at the end with the help of that high note from Jordan. But they were A LOT better when we saw them in concert.

- How high is Scott Weiland? Or maybe drunk? He is intoxicated in some way.

- This Pink song is cute but it's not nearly as catchy as So What. Plus she didn't call anyone a tool. I'm sorry, but that's such a funny insult to me. A tool? That's like saying, "You're such a hammer." RHAHAHAHAHAHA

- I don't understand Taylor Swift's appeal. She's not that great of a singer. And if we're picking blond country singers Carrie Underwood gets my vote. But that Taylor girl just seems like that angst ridden teen who's just angst-y enough to be annoying.

- Lance Bass needs to stop playing. That's all I'm going to say.

- I LOVE Rascal Flatts. I really do. I have a couple of their cds.

- Ne-Yo always renews my ever dwindling hope in R&B. And I love that he is such a performer. A lot of people are artists but not performers or vice versa. He is one of the few who is both.

- I don't hate Nickelback. I actually like some of their songs.

- Let's see what Kanye has to say.
He is so long winded.

- And I didn't know that Jesse McCartney co-wrote Bleeding Love. That child is PAID because that song played everywhere for MONTHS.

- I LOVE this Leona Lewis song. I DON'T love the interpretive dancers. They seem unnecessary.
I really forget how well Leona Lewis can sing until she hits that unexpected high note with amazing control.

- Why am I yawning already?

- Billy Rae has come a long way from his Achy Breaky mullet days.

- I don't hate this Miley Cyrus song.
Did the dancers in white draw the short straws?
"You guys get to dress as the billboard behind Miley." "Ummm...what??"

- I didn't know Garth Brooks put anything out this year. I like Garth Brooks. I need to get his box set from Wal-Mart.

- Holy fake birthday moment, Batman. You shouldn't be able to hear the producer telling the birthday girl to blow out her candles. You also shouldn't be able to hear him telling her friends to hug her. They shouldn't have to be told. Is nothing in Hollywood real?

- I know the clean-up crew wants to beat Chris Martin's a$$ for all of that confetti. It's all fun and games until you have to clean it up. And what about the people that have to perform after you? The janitors should just walk out there and hand them all brooms when they finish singing.

- Umm....who knew Colbie Calliat was that banging...? Good 'head Girl!!

- Alicia Keys is GORGEOUS!!!

- Did you see the janitor almost run out there? I'm telling you, they need to hand those brooms to Chris and the boys.

- I'm basically only still watching because I want to see Bouncy...Beyonce.

- Ooohh....I love Kate Walsh's haircut. If I hadn't spend the last few months growing my hair out I would cut mine like that.

- The Jonas Brothers are cute.

- Why is The Dream hating on the Jonas Brother? Sityoassdown!! We don't even know who you are.

- Oh shoot..Beyonce. Say what you want about the girl, Beyonce is a BAD BROAD.
And I like the United Colors of Benetton dancers she used.

Okay, I'm going to leave the awards on in the background but I've pretty much seen everything I wanted to see. So I'm out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Film Is Forever: NKOTB's "Dirty Dancing"

I SINCERELY don't understand why they thought the concept of this video was a good idea. I ALSO don't understand how they thought that even though this video was shot for the German market it wouldn't make its way over here to be clowned accordingly. I have no idea what the dialogue in the beginning is saying as I only took one semester of German when I was 11. But I know Grade A government cheese when I see it. And the most baffling thing of all is how they convinced Danny to do this video. I wonder how drunk he was when they shot the video. Or did they threaten to take his tour money away unless he did this...? All I know is that he didn't do this willfully or of his own volition.

I'm so disappointed.

New Kids on the Block- "Dirty Dancing"

My Two Cents- Toya

*Sigh* And we were doing SO well.  

Will someone please minister unto me the explanations for the following...
1) Who authorized this international bullshishery?  Who is their management now (RIP Dick Scott)? Seriously, somebody call Maurice Starr.
2)Why must they T-Pain Donnie's vocals like that?  Everyone is just trying so desperately to stay relevant. You want to impress me? Bring back the vocoder like Roger Troutman and Zapp. Keep it real old school. You know you want to.
3) I couldn't make it through the entire video so if I missed the part where these jokers broke out into The Safety Dance, let me live the rest of  my life in ignorance, I beg of you. (Please see Youtube for this reference if you don't know what I am talking about.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Keep HOPE Alive in 2008! Vote Willie Mae!- Toya

Everyone, say hello to my mother, Willie Mae. Pretty stinkin' cute, huh?  I have the sarcasm of my father but please believe I am just like my mom in personality.  One thing that I didn't get from my mother is her singing ability.  My mom is the kind of singer that when she would walk to the microphone at church to sing a song, people would already be clapping and pulling tissue out their purses ready to cry.  Well after a year I finally convinced her to try out on BET's Sunday Best show and to my surprise she actually did! I couldn't believe it. She set up a page, had a video made and even posted a few blogs. Blew me away. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the show's judges put her in the Top 10 today.

I know I have been pretty private on this blog. I mean, I am candid as far as life experiences but we have had this blog for 5 years and I didn't even have my picture up until this year, My Myspace and Facebook pages are private and I still get a little weirded out if I meet someone at a show and they ask me if I am Toya from Black Girls Like Us. But this is my mother. I love her and I will do almost anything to help her dreams come true.

Starting tomorrow through December, voting will commence for the top 2.  My mom ended the last round in the top 2 and I believe she can do it again.  I would love it if you would vote for her every day.  Now to my knowledge she does not know about this blog AT ALL and I would like to keep it that way for just a little while longer. In the meantime, let's keep this on the hush...on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Yeah, I know.

So please check out my mom's page at www.sundaybestcasting.com/people/williemae.  If you even like her a little bit, would you please vote for my cute mom so she can go on TV, sing, and meet Kirk Franklin?


BGLU's, Can We Talk? I Mean Can We REALLY Talk?- Toya
*I understand that we have quite a few readers who are not Black Girls Like Us so please don't feel as if I am excluding you because I am not. Read, comment, hey, it's all good. This is just specifically addressed to BGLU's like my "When It's Time to Change, It's Time to Rearrange" blog was directed towards Christians.

You know, it's been a long time since we have received any hate mail. *sigh* Whatever...

I sent the above picture to Tia with the subject "Get Ready to Lose Your Damn Mind" because I know that she will (and I so wish I was there to see her) yelp with glee when she opens it.  There is no doubt in my mind. Tia has always been very comfortable in her preferences.  She is completely unapologetic. Over the years we have both received numerous hate emails for even putting white men on our site. I remember one where a man wrote us and said that we were nothing but the white man's whores but then turned around and said that he treats every black woman with respect. Cute. Tia's stance has always been, I like what I like and you like what you like. Mine has been more of a what's the big deal? We love men. Why can't we love John Krasinski AND Mos Def? I don't see the problem.  I don't think I have ever stated what my personal preference was on this blog before and I think it's because it has become somewhat of a sore subject for me.  

Now it's no secret that I love me some boys with floppy hair. Anyone see the scene on The Office on Thursday when Jim saw Pam in the parking lot? Yes and amen! I'd picket outside of NBC if they ever made him cut his hair. I have always been attracted to guys that look very different from me and anyone in my family, including black men.  Meaning if you look like you could be my brother or could play golf with my dad, I am not interested. But anyone that knows me knows that I love Common, Most Def, Donald Faison, and some other brothers who don't remotely look like anyone in my family.  I want to make this clear: I love black men.  I am just not convinced that they love me.

I have always been most likely to date outside of my race but not because I was mad at black men. Just recently I realized that I may be a little angry and just didn't realize it until I was listening to The Michael Baisden Show. I love me some Michael Baisden. I don't always agree with what he has to say but I enjoy hearing his point of view and I think he does a good job. And even though George Wilburn hurt my feelings something terrible recently, I will go on and say I love him too. This is what happened: Michael Baisden was doing a show on interracial relationships when a white man called from Atlanta and said that he is dating a black woman. They were shocked that he was dating a black woman in Atlanta. I don't know why because friends I have there say that you will be hard pressed to find a straight black man in Atlanta nowadays.  Not only was he dating a black woman in Atlanta but he was dating a black woman in the College Park area of Atlanta.  They couldn't believe it. This is what George Wilburn said:

"Is she flat chested? She must be flat chested. She got a flat booty doesn't she?"


Feeling like I had been punched in my own flat chest, I looked at the radio in shock and hurt and turned it off.  

Let me go on the record by saying that I am by no means busting out anywhere, top or bottom. I got everything from my mama but her figure.  This has been a sore spot in my self esteem for years (see June 2003's "Back WHAT Thang Up?)as I heard my dad, brother and uncle often comment about how a real black woman is supposed to look like and what they find attractive.  It's a hurtful thing for me as I have been teased about not looking like what black women are supposed to look like. You look at BET and even though a lot of those images are degrading, they still reflect, although poorly, what many consider a real black woman looks like and frankly they don't look like me. And the music? You would be hard pressed nowadays not to hear a rap or R&B song that doesn't mention ass at all. As far as my black male peers go, I am often respectfully looked at like a sister but not anything more.  I remember going to a black First Friday event at a club and feeling so out of place.  Not just because almost every song was by a Yung something or Lil so and so and I listen to none of that, but because I observed how the black men there interacted with the sistas there. The ones I knew think I am a cool chick just not a desirable one. Sometimes I feel completely invisible. I may be wrong but as they say, people see their own perception as reality.

So when I heard George Wiburn say this it made me think: Could it be that the reason the only men that compliment me are white is because I don't look like what I guess black men would consider a real black woman? Before I turned the radio off, Michael Baisden mentioned that sometimes people of other races see the beauty in outside races that the people in that race ignore. For instance, the same person who may be viewed as too dark in their race, a person from another race may find their dark skin to be beautiful.  Who knows? All I know is that I do not want to marry a white man because I feel rejected and am mad at black men.  Ever. I have no problem with the idea of marrying a white man. I just don't want to marry a white man by default.   Last year, I met up with a girlfriend in high school and I shared this with her. She looked at me and said "Oh if you want to be married you will. You might as well accept that. I don't know why you're surprised." That's crazy! 

So back to the picture above.  Tia would look at that picture and smile because that is what she hopes for.  I on the other hand can smile at it but inside feel a little worried that that picture is my only choice of what my future can look like. If that's the case then fine but I have made it quite clear to my opposing family and friends that I do not want to hear it. Don't ask me why I am still single and then have plenty of noise for me if I start dating a white man.  I guess it just is what it is.

P.S. Post...
Thanks everyone for your comments. I hope that no one sees my posts as being self deprecating. That was not my intent. I am just concerned about the state of black men/black women relationships as a whole. It just seems that so many of us are angry and don't trust one another. I don't want to be a part of that so when I realized that I may be just a little bitter, I had to ask myself why that was. Trust, I'ma do me! LOL!

You look at music today, Chris Rock's comments and some of the emails we have gotten from black men saying that they are indeed angry at black women and it just makes you wonder what is really going on in our community. I remember getting my oil changed early one morning and two brothas walked by and said good morning to me. I looked up and smiled and said good morning back to them. I heard one of them say "Wow, she actually spoke back."  We can just be so mean to one another for no reason. The bottom line is that we are all to love one another. If I have any bitterness in my heart towards anyone, I want that worked out immediately. I always want my heart to be in the right place. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Should Know: B. Reith- Toya

B. Reith "Awestruck"- Gotee Records


One of my friends asked me if I had seen B. Reith's new "Awestruck" video and I told her that I hadn't yet. She said, "I don't know how the girl in the video could stand there while he sang that close to her." I soon started shaking my head and gave her the same response I give every woman when they start talking about B. Reith.

"That's a man of God right there".

This is my automated response whenever any of my female friends goes into how fine they think B. Reith is. It's not in defense of him for he needs no defense but because something in me will not allow me to say anything remotely sideways about this man. For those that have read this blog long enough, you know I always have PLENTY of borderline inappropriate things to say about some good looking guys(I had to repent after American Idol was over because of all those things I said about David Cook) so this may comes as a shock. I respect B. Reith so much and to be honest, I have no idea why. Like, I don't even think I could say he is good looking out loud. I would probably say, umm, he is not hard to look...he is pleasant on the ey...maytheLordGodblesshimrealgood, see, I can't.

The first time I saw B. Reith perform I had already heard about him for about 3 years. He performed after some friends of mine. I went to take my seat front row center. As he went into his first song I looked at my friends who were sitting behind me and took my chair, turned it away from the stage and sat indian style with my back to the stage in protest. "Uh uh. No. Are you kidding me? I really can't receive this man singing about Jesus with him looking like that. This is an outrage. I want my money back (it was free)." But seriously, he got to "Rain Down" and I was ruined. It had nothing to do with him or what he looks like but everything to do with the sincerity and transparency in his music as he tackles such issues as giving up, love, frustration, God and more.  Reminiscent of Jason Mraz, he raps, sings, plays guitar and puts on a really good show. Check him out on Toby Mac's (another one I won't talk sideways about) Winter Wonder Slam Tour this year with some of my favorites Relient K and Family Force 5 (who are BANANAS if you don't already know). 

There is tons of stuff online with B. Reith on Youtube and such. I recommend you check it out because he is hilarious. Super nice, super talented, loves God and fi...see I can't even say it. May God continue to bless him.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Even MORE reason to see Cadillac Records - Tia

Now see, I wanted to see Cadillac Records anyway. I love music and the film looks like it's right up my alley. BUT THEN, I saw the trailer for the movie today and noticed that Columbus Short is in it. Umm...yes please.

I LOVE him. I will watch Stomp the Yard every time it's on just so I can see him. This man needs more work.

And speaking of work, I'm going to get off this computer and go to the gym. I have done nothing for the last hour but surf the web. And sitting on the couch is not going to make my Mayercraft bathing suit fit any better.
One More Week - Tia

I am SO very excited about the new Twilight movie. I would have to say that I'm 90% excited because I LOVED the series. I thought they were well written and creative (well except for the last one. It was a little too long and the ending left me kind of "MEH".) But I also have to say that I'm about 10% excited for Robert Pattinson.

Yes, I am aware that I have a crush on an ultrasound. But he's British and he's hot and I just can't help it. Now, if someone would like to point me in the direction of an older model of Robert I would be more than happy to switch my affections. There's no loyalty here. Pretty much hot and British are all I ask for in most of my celebrity crushes.
YEA for this - TiaI was catching up on some my favorite blogs and came across this at Cocoalounge.com.

I have no idea what this movie is about and I don't care. I will be going to see it. I mean, it's Mos Def and my perpetual girl crush Kerry Washington.

So far there's not a lot of info on the movie. But I will try to keep you posted. And be sure to check out Cocoa Lounge for updates and for brown girl love in general.
Why I will be moving AS SOON as my lease is up - Tia

I'm not sure if you can see the picture clearly so I will describe it. What you're looking at is what I woke up to at 4:27 this morning. Apparently some fool tried to run from the police and he got P.I.T. maneuvered right into the pole beneath my window.

There are no less than NINE cop cars outside my window and I don't think Beyonce is getting out of any of them.

I will start packing after the holidays because this is just too much.

Oh and the cops are high-fiving each other. Men are so...different. I think if I had just been in a chase and a wreck Toya would be rubbing my back as I croutched on the sidewalk. But I guess that's why I'm not a cop.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Official: I have an illness.- Toya

I have an illness that has yet to be named but here are the symptoms:
1) Spent a total of two days on the couch watching Seasons 2,3 and some of 1 of The Office. I zoned out so bad that it was 9:30 last night before I realized that yesterday WAS NOT TUESDAY.
2) A few times during my Office binge I secretly prayed that God would turn Jim Halpert into a real boy like Pinocchio.
3) I hate Michael Scott and Karen like they are real people. 
4) The words "pencil cup" and "tuna" make me smile really big.
5) If I meet someone who looks like John Krasinski and loves Jesus I may just propose on the spot and promise to work out the formalities later. 
6) I regret getting caught up on all of the episodes because now that it is in syndication I have no more new Jim Halpert antics to look forward to.

This is terrible.  I have got to get a job soon.
Why You Twitterers Need to Follow Us on Twitter- Toya

You need to follow us on Twitter for the following reasons:

a) We're random. You already knew that.
b) BGLU alerts- Just this week I sent out 2 BGLU alerts because David Cook was on SNL and Gym Class Heroes were on Leno.  This is information BGLU readers need. Did you miss Travis? You need to be on Twitter.
c) Live concert updates. We twittered all through the New Kids on the Block reunion show and it was so fun.
d) I need Tia to see that this is worth it because I have yet to sell her on Twitter.

Click on both boxes on the right to follow Tia and Me to stay in the loop. I am BGLUToya and Tia is Tiabglu.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If You Like It Then You Should Put THIS Ring On It- Toya

One night I was trying to get to sleep and happened to see Justine Simmons (who I am crazy about) on The Home Shopping Network. She was on there selling her new Brown Sugar Jewelry collection. OH SWEET HEAVENLY FATHER. 

This is the thing, I am not a jewelry person. Tia often refers to me as a black hippie. It is my intention to make so much money some day that I can dress like a hobo. In the meantime, I try to keep it together. But trust, if I ever make gobs of money it's broom skirts, scarves, head wraps, tank tops and jewelry from the African Street Festival or Forever 21.

My soon to be husband should be happy to know that the ring above (if he catches it on a good day) is less than $300. No one could ever accuse me of being a golddigger, I will tell you that much. Funny thing is, the idea of even thinking about what I would want my engagement ring to look like used to literally make me nauseous. I remember when Tia and I lived together, she had the website to some place where you could design your own ring and save the picture. "Here" she said, putting her laptop into my lap after showing me hers.  "You should probably tell me which one you'd like". I was so confused! She went through the whole 3 C's thing (cut and something and something. Or are there 5 C's) and my brain almost overheated. As she went upstairs, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least look.

"Ok. Umm, one solitaire diamond, 14k gold. Size 8".  I thought that was all the information it needed. But nooooooo. It's sooo much! Cut and color (I'm assuming that's another one of the C's), size, weight, surrounding diamonds, etc.  So then I thought, "I am certain that pink diamonds can't cost that much. I can't think of anyone that would want a pink heart shaped diamond besides me."  So then I started creating this pink, heart shaped diamond monstrosity for about 15 minutes and when I finally finished how about that bad boy STARTED at $25,000? Shoot, for all of that money, how about you give me an engagement house down payment?

So Tia comes back downstairs and I told her that I found a more simpler diamond ring.  She looked at it and said, "Ok. Well now we need to talk about the (whatever C I can't remember). Do you want this or this or..."  I just started shaking my head like crazy. "No! Uh uh. No. This is too much. Seriously, I can't do this anymore." I just gave her back her computer and sat there not thinking anything so my brain could cool off.  I cannot believe how much can go into finding a ring. Thank God I wasn't under any pressure.

Justine Simmons Brown Sugar line looks like it was designed just for me.  I LOVE this one...
For more on the Simmons Family jewelry collection go to www.simmonsjewelryco.com. They also have some really cute Hello Kitty stuff from my second favorite Simmons lady, Kimora Lee. 
Random Chris Brown Picture - TiaSo y'all know that I would adopt Chris Brown in like 2 seconds if he would let me. I love that little boy. But this picture made me cry with laughter. Why does he look like he's 8 years old and just woke up from a nap?

If you didn't know Chris Brown was a fetus before, you know now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero? You're Everything I Would Like to Be..." BGLU's Hero of 2008, Scarlet of "Scarlet Takes a Tumble"

Dear Scarlet,

You have won the first official BGLU Hero Award for 2008. We have no trophy, no ribbon, or any tangible prize to offer you (*cough*recession*cough*) but please know that you hold a special place in BGLU's Hall of Fame.

Toya and Tia
Black Girls Like Us

Now I should probably run this by Tia before I start handing out awards but I am almost positive that she would approve of this. I FREAKING LOVE SCARLETT. I remember when I was running down the football field in high school as a pom pom girl to the marching band playing "Rock Around the Clock". Well I rocked my little show off behind all the way down the freshly rained on field pass the 50 yard line almost into the bleachers. Mud all over my uniform and I could not stop laughing. Had we had YouTube back in the day, I too would be an online celebrity.

What pissed me off is that people have been so mean to Scarlet. In her response to the haters, she says that she posted her tumble because in this day and age, we all could use a laugh. I admire that greatly. I mean, who amongst us has not put on our own Janet Jackson/Madonna/Beyonce' show in our room and swore we was KILLIN' IT!?

So Scarlet if you are reading this, I think you are an absolutely beautiful girl. I can't tell you how many times I have stopped whatever I was doing just to sing "Balance..." I love your impromptu song and I love you for giving us a reason to smile and remember to laugh at ourselves at a time when we may be taking things a little too seriously. You are awesome.

Randomness - Tia
Another day, another hotel.

Here's some stuff about stuff.

Two Words
I have two words for Chris Rock: MICHELLE OBAMA

The people in Toya's old office used to call Beyonce Bouncy. For some reason that always made me giggle.

Anyway, I love Beyonce's new single. Single Ladies is the hotness.
And the fact that she did the video in one take is AMAZING. She is a BEAST and I can see why people Stan for her. And speaking of Stans, this little YT boy KILT this song. I think I have watched his version of Single Ladies more than I've watched Bouncy's. Someone made a video of his version side by side with Beyonce's. He is DEAD ON. There are some other slack jokers who tried to do the steps but most of them look a mess. (FYI, this guy is fully but scantly clad. Just an FYI.)

If I Were A Boy had to grow on me. The first time I heard it, I thought, "Didn't Ciara just do this?" But the more I listened to it the more I liked it. And apparently I'm not the only one. I think I heard on the radio the that the single sold a million copies. But now that I think about it the D.J. may have been talking about the song that played after Beyonce's. Whatever the case, the song is in heavy rotation and the girl who wrote the song is about to get paid. (I mean unless the rumors are true in which case the girl who originally wrote the song is about to be SUPER paid.)

Zac Efron
If I were about a decade younger I would have a crush on Zac. And I would be straight STALKING Chris Brown but that's a whole other story. Anyway, rumor has it that Zac Efron is set to take on the role of Ren McCormick in the remake of Footloose. This makes all the sense in the world if you 've seen Hairspray. But my question is this: Are they going to include I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)? I only ask because it was my FAVORITE song from the movie even though it was only played for about a minute. But I distinctly remember rewinding that part when they were on the motorbikes over and over again just to hear that little snippet of the song. I just hope they don't screw up one of my favorite movies of all time. Oh and is Zac going to run through the barn and do the acrobatics that Kevin Bacon('s stunt double) did?

I love the word egregious and wish I could use it more often.

Keep Your Da*n clothes on
Yet another Disney star has had nekkid pictures leaked to the internet. Maybe I'm a prude or something but I just don't see the need for taking nekkid pictures. If your man has seen you sans clothes before I'm almost POSITIVE he won't forget it. From what I understand guys are visual and don't forget much in the way of nuddypants. So I guess I just don't understand taking pics bucknekkid. And I especially don't get it if you're famous. Somehow the famous folks always end up losing their dirty pics and videos.

Dean and Deluca has the best banana bread in the world and I wish that there was a store in Atlanta.

Twilight is coming out in less than 2 weeks. I will trip a tween to make sure I get tickets. Robert Pattinson is fetus but he's a hot fetus.

Mayercraft....WOO-HOO!!!!!(That reminds me...I need to go to the gym soon.) Are any of you going? Let me know in the comments.

Ooh LORD I hope this is some sort of photoshop joke.
Supposedly this is Whitney's new album cover. I'm not feeling this AT ALL.

Gratuitous Donnie Wahlberg

Okay I really have work to do. Oh, but how is Anthony Edwards going to be on ER? Okay, I'm out for real.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Miss Independent- Toya

To every man that said I am too independent, too headstrong and too intimidating, you have no idea. It's on. I mean, you may catch me at the J. Crew outlet, it's so on.


I screamed that at the top of my lungs last night when it was announced that Barack Obama is our next president.  I will shame the devil and tell you all the truth: I am more excited about Michelle Obama being the first black First Lady than I am about Barack Obama being the first minority president (I know people like to call him the first black president but he's got a mama too, I'm just saying). Michelle Obama is the first black First Lady.  I cannot stop smiling. It's like having Claire Huxtable in the White House!

Ever since I was a little girl, my view of my ideal marriage was that I would marry a pastor, politician, or someone that heavily influenced and richly blessed the world.  It has always been my heart that our marriage would be an example and a contributing and changing force to the planet. However, I can't wait for him in order for me to contribute to the world. To quote Ne-Yo again, I am a movement by myself but I'll be a force when we're together. 

Author Shellie R. Warren wrote that her mother told her that God will give you a mate for where you are going.  I remember reading an interview with Jill Scott where she said that she and her ex-husband were on one accord when they were both in the beginning of their careers and on the grind.  However, when she rose to the top, they couldn't make it work.  That was not the Jill Scott that he could be in union with.  Ooooooooh that cannot be my testimony! 

Tia and I were at a bar last night with some friends watching the election results when two black women came up, hugged us, and then we shared our excitement.  As they left I yelled, "Love you! Black women, DATE UP! Michelle in '08!"  Sometimes as single women, we love to see and nurture the potential in men. We are so good at that.   What I have learned the hard way is that it is one thing to believe in a man's potential and to lovingly support him and another to be his mama. See his mama will love him and stand by him no matter what as is.  Where I have gone wrong in the past is to spot potential in a man and want to see him succeed more than he does. This is what happened with Mark (see "Let It Go" from 2005). We would always talk about the calling on his life and I always believed that he was destined for greatness. However we always clashed because he felt that I expected too much from him. I only expected from him what I knew he was capable of. He just wouldn't set those standards for himself. I cannot be with someone and accept them deciding to willingly live their life so far beneath their potential. That holds ME back and I am not having that. 

I love that Michelle and Barack Obama are a team.  He knew what he was doing and where he wanted to go when he chose her. 

I just cannot stop smiling.  Off to buy today's paper...
When It's Time to Change, It's Time to Rearrange- Toya
The following post is a post that I posted on Facebook. It is directed towards some Christians that posted Facebook statuses that were really irking my nerves.
Me: "You know what I wish would've happened? Barack Obama should've came out to "Brand New Day" from The Wiz.

Tia: "And McCain should've come out to "You Can't Win" from The Wiz"

I mean, we are Tia and Toya. We're going to have jokes. In the same vein, this is Facebook and a lot of people are going to use their cathartic license to express how they feel in their Facebook status and a lot of people seem to be disheartened by the outcome of the election. Some have stated that they are moved to pray and fast because they feel our country may need it now more than ever. That's nice.

Let's just say Barack is the anti-christ, sides with terrorists, and says what we want to hear with a hidden agenda to destroy America. Let's just say. Now what does that have to do with you? I know that sounds crazy but my point is if there is one thing that this election process has inspired me to do is to take a good look at personal responsibility. Yes, God is in control, but we have been so apathetic and downright lazy in America. We can be so complacent in our social and religious bubbles. It reminds me of the story in the bible when the people were like "We want a king! We want a king! Give us a king!" Ever see a parent who has a child that whines and whines to be picked up and carried and the parent stands there with their arms folded and a look on their face that says "are you done yet?" The parent is waiting for them to shut up so they can instruct them to do what it is that they can do themselves. And this is often how I feel about Christians in America. Case in point: Today someone told me that she and her husband were campaigning for Obama in the south. A lot of people in this white, upper class, neighborhood had catchy Christian posters, stickers and such on their doors and cars but when they were approached by this black couple, they were anything but Christ like. The bible says that the kingdom of God is like yeast in unleavened bread. Instead of placing the weight on one person to change the world (or destroy it) we need to realize the power that is within us to influence our world and even our president. If people are really serious about praying, then I hope they pray for our president out of BOTH sides of their mouths and don't dog him with one side and "God bless him" with the other (this goes for Bush too). 

But back to Obama being the anti-christ. Hey, I don't know this man or his heart. What I do know is that I have never seen the hope that I see in this country, a hope that is so desperately needed. That CAN'T be a bad thing. But just like hope can be contagious, so is negativity. I pray people don't kill this hope with negativity because the election did not go the way that they would've liked. So many kids are excited and will now dream that maybe one day they too can be president. Old people are excited to see a day that they never really dreamed would ever come. And black women? I have not seen black women be this friendly to one another since the week Waiting to Exhale came out! Tia and I were at Flying Saucer with some friends and some black women came over and hugged us and we all talked about how we couldn't wait to see Michelle Obama grace the stage. Regardless of how you may feel about the Obamas, can we at least give the Lord a hand praise that little girls of any race can see an example of a strong,intelligent black woman in the White House amongst the awful stereotypes they are faced with day in and day out?

Whether it's Obama or Billy Graham in office, God gave us all free will. If you are waiting for a president to put laws in place to keep your neighbor from making some choices with dire consequences instead of showing love to your neighbor and lending your hand to show them a better way to live, who are you REALLY saying is in control? God bless America but God please have MERCY on us if we do not really begin to "be the change that we want to see in the world". 

Monday, November 3, 2008

So this is what happened - Tia

I first have to say that Donnie was ALWAYS my favorite. Jordan was cute and all. Jon always seemed a little too soft. Joey got on my nerves. And I just didn't get Danny. Oh but I GET Danny now. And Jon...HOT DAYUM, IT'S A NEW DAY. Gollydawg, he is STUPID fine. Time has been SOOOO good to him.

Anyway, Donnie was always my favorite. I won tickets to see the New Kids when I was in junior high and Donnie came and sang on the platform closest to me. At the tender age of 12 I was all in love. So you know I was excited when I found out we were going to get to go to the meet and greet.

I won't rehash what Toya has already said. I'll skip to the part that matters. I turned the corner and had to fight the urge to scream. I mean, come on. They were standing RIGHT THERE. I hugged Jordan and Danny (shorter than I thought) and then I got to Donnie. I have to be honest, my first impression was to get DIRECTLY in his mouth. I figured I could get in several good seconds of lip action before security took me down. But good sense took over and not knowing my own boundaries, I extended my hand. I didn't want to go in for the hug like I'd done with the other guys because, like I said, I was afraid I would have my tongue in his mouth before EITHER of us knew what happened.

I stuck out my hand and managed a not so feeble , "Hi." Donnie looked at me and smiled like the devil and said, "Nu-uh." He shook his head and said, "Come here" and pulled me in for a hug. My soul says YES.

Apparently we weren't moving fast enough for the handlers and the photographer because I hear, "Ladies..the picture." I honestly have no idea how long I hugged that man but apparently it was too long. So I turned to face the camera and mumbled, "My bad" because I honestly figured I was the sole person holding up the process. As I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to not get weak in the knees and not slouch for the picture, I feel Donnie lean into me and ask DIRECTLY in my ear, "Did you just say 'my bad'?"


Picture taken, I turn to him, look directly into his face and say, "Yes. Is that a problem?" (Side bar: I don't really watch or listen to anything that would be considered relevant. So "my bad" "my fault" "no worries" are still perfectly acceptable slang to me.) I was too busy falling into a trance looking all up in his face to notice that Toya and Anne Marie had walked off. I vaguely remember Toya saying something about me leaving with them....vaguely. But I was KEENLY aware that Donnie damn near had me in a headlock his arm was so tight around my shoulder. HELL YEAH.

I'm not leaving, til you're leaving.

He wouldn't let go. And hey, neither would I. Toya just kept looking at me. I looked at her and looked at him and beseeched her, "I'm just saying." Toya: "We can go." Me: pointing at Donnie with my free hand, "I'M JUST SAYING!!!" Jon is quietly cracking up on the side. Finally, I hear, "Ma'am" from someone who looks important and with the HEAVIEST of hearts I let go.

Apparently, Donnie has a type. Who knew I fell into that category...? But see here's the thing, I have a type too. And Donnie is it. It's ALWAYS been guys like him. The kind of guy who would hold you with one hand while you make out and hold his beer in the other hand. The kind of guy who, if it came to it, would brawl in the street til his knuckles bled but love the hell out of you directly after. He cleans up hella nice in a custom made suit but the minute he walks in the house he's out of his suit and into a wife beater, some fly jeans and a fitted cap. THAT is my type.

Anyway, that's my brief Donnie Walhberg story. I have to be honest, I would take his
Grown Man. I'm sorry. I'm just being honest. That man is delicious. But God knows what he's doing and his grace is sufficient. So I'll just wait for my own Donnie Wahlberg to come along.

But...umm...err...ahhh...if the actual Donnie is reading and wants holla...hit up your girl Candice. She's got my number.
Toya's Random Coffeehouse Musings

1. Dreaming is free- I don't have a job yet and well, money is type low right now but that did not stop me from looking at my ideal office space to operate my non-profit. I HATE working from home and this space would be perfect because it's in an area where I am ALL the time. I mean, I practically live in the area. It would be a dream come true. To be able to do what I love full time, all the time would freak me out.  It's actually scary to think about.  Anyway, I am going to see if I can get some investors or something. I mean, it could happen. Why not?

2. I love songs that immediately make me want to break out into the Molly Ringwald "The Breakfast Club" dance.  I just heard that "I've Been Crying in the Dark" song and almost went crazy.  I remember when that used to disturb me. I mean, most BGLU's know how it feels to be called Oreo and to have your blackness questioned.  I'm so glad to be free from that.

3. My mother is coming for Thanksgiving for a week and I have not a clue what I am going to do with her. My dad was here for 3 days and we kicked it at the house, took naps, went to the movies and church, etc. My mom is a little bit more high maintenance. Like, I may need to get cable before she comes here.

4. I just found out that the VP of Def Jam committed suicide yesterday. I hear he was a good guy. You never know what someone is going through.  I have been in some low, low places that I am  certain would shock most people.  We need to take care of each other and we need to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, just when you think you can't take it anymore, there is a breakthrough just on the other side. I hate that he didn't live to know that. So sad.

5. I was listening to New Kids "Face the Music" cd today and realized that they did not perform "Never Let You Go" on the reunion tour. This is what I would like to propose: A club tour of sorts called "This Tour Aint For Everybody, Only the Sexy People".  They can the perform the HITS! Like "Never Let You Go", "Let's Play House", "Girls", "Mrs. Right", etc. Throw some "Grown Man" in there, let Jordan sing "Separate Ways", give the people a little Luther Vandross tribute. You know, real grown and sexy like. I'm just sayin'.  

6. Still mad at Donnie in that picture.

7. Tia is in town on business. I know she is sick of traveling but I can't wait to start. I wish I could visit our friend Taryn in Korea...or Tokyo. Umm, I forget where she is but from the pics I know I want to be there.

8. I heard that new Bobby Valentino/Lil Wayne song and wanted to call that non-emergency number that they give you when you have a "less than 911" type situation. BEAT IT LIKE A COP???!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me.  And he says that repeatedly. I felt so violated when I heard that, I almost wanted to sit on a block of ice.  Thank God for Ne-Yo. I will ignore that he sang the hook on Bust It Baby. I shouldn't, but I will.

9. Am I wrong if I decide to vote for Michelle Obama? I think I want her to be First Lady more than I want Barack Obama to be president. 

10. One final election mention, I am sure Sarah Palin is a nice lady. Lord knows she is cute as a button. I really have nothing against her.  However, if I get one more email about her prophesying in church and how she is a woman of God and for that alone she should get my vote, I fear I may be judged for heresy. Hey I LOVE my pastor's wife. She is a BAD chick. However, pretty sure I don't want  her to be my vice president and definitely not my president. As Fresh says on Crunktastical.net, you need more people... and a burning bush. I'm just sayin'.

Furthermore (see I feel it building up) if you are going to try to push my "Christian" button, I need you to run your campaign in a Christlike manner and I haven't really seen too much of that behavior on the Republican side. I am neither Democrat or Republican just like I am neither Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. I am Pro-Make Wise Choices About Your-Life. One thing that I like about what Obama said was that what we need to be doing is getting to the root of the abortion issue and that is kids having sex in the first place.  He didn't say unsafe sex. I think he described it as being cavalier and taking on the responsibility of sex that they aren't ready for. 

This may shock some but I am not for abstinence only programs. Yes, me, virgin at 33, holding out for the Lord, is not down. People have different belief systems and that should be respected.  What I WISH would happen is that people were given the information to make the right decisions. It is hard to decide not to have sex when our music is over sexed, television is over sexed, and deciding to be abstinent makes you a running joke in front of the whole world on MTV's Video Music Awards. One thing my parents did right was to warn me about emotional consequences even more so than the fear of pregnancy and disease. I was able to look at my friends and the turmoil they went through and then make the decision that it just wasn't worth the headache.  Oh and another thing, my parents are some freaks (eww).  Sex was never ever viewed as a bad or taboo thing in our house.  Anyway, all of that to say I just want people, kids specifically to know all of the good and bad and then make decisions.  I just don't see them getting a fair shot to do so. *climbing off soapbox now*.