Thursday, December 27, 2007

Toya's Random Observations

1.I'm at a club where a friend of mine is DJing. There are some "special" things going on. For one, the couple next to me have on matching striped sweaters and they are practically joined at the lap. Tia and refer to these type of couples as "Baby Incorporated". Weird.

2.I have been known to bring books to clubs where favorite DJ's spin. The radio sucks as we all know and well I like to read while listening to good music so I'll bring a book and read off to the side somewhere. This is where the whole "you're not approachable and thus guys are intimidated by you" theory fails. I've had more guys talk approach me while I've read books in public than any other time I've been out. HA-LARIOUS. One guy cameover with his cell phone opened and put it over my book and asked me if I had enough light. Clever. No dice, but clever.

3.Some people take up an unneccesary amount of large space when they dance.

4.I really only know one person here and that's the dj. That's rare.

5.I'm out late cause I'm avoiding something. I don't want to talk about it.

6. I am still celebrating my birthday WEEK. You are entitled to that once you hit 30. And for this reason, I'd like my song to play soon.

Well I am on the edge of the dance flor by the booth on my Treo looking like a snob so I gotta go. The kids arr starting to breakdance and I got my Kangol on. I may have to school these fools. Yeah, right. My back still hurts from my office Christmas party last week. Can't hang like I used to.

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