Friday, December 7, 2007

So the Grammys - Tia

There is something so wrong with me. I admit that and accept it. What brought on this obvious declaration you ask....Well, the Grammy nominations were announced yesterday. Kanye leads the pack with 8 nominations. Congrats go out to him by the way. (Random Aside: Ever since his mother passed away, I've had a soft spot in my heart for him. For some reason the death of his mother made him seem more human to me. And that footage of him breaking down in Paris pretty much confirmed that even with all of the antics and boisterous behavior he's still just a regular guy.)

Amy Wino...Winehouse garnered six nominations. Now this is where I got really excited. I love tomfoolery. LOVE it. Can't wait for people to act up. And as we all know, Amy has been known to act a fool and a half in recent days. (This is her crawling under the gate of her house.)While I TRULY hope that she gets the help that she needs before she pulls a Janice Joplin, part of me really wants her to attend the Grammys in true Amy style. I know that's wrong...I know. I'mma go handle that.

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