Friday, December 21, 2007

Randomness to End all Randomness - Tia

Every year, I buy myself something with my tax refund. I never spend more than $200. Usually it's somewhere in the ball park of $50. A couple of years back I bought all ten seasons of Friends. But I usually just put most of the money in the bank and pay off the Christmas and January birthday bills. (All of the men in my family have January birthdays. I'm usually tapped out by February.)

It's rare that I know this far in advance what I want. But thanks to a late night and a Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade which is making me overly sappy and sentimental, I know what my gift to myself will be this year. I will be purchasing the TimeLife Classic Soft Rock collection. Shut up! I mean where else can you get Christopher Cross' Ride Like The Wind AND Making Love Out of Nothing At All by Air Supply?

I know I have absolutely lost some of y'all. But trust, I am LOSING my mind watching the infomercial. They keep playing snippets, and I keep having flashbacks. They're taking me through it. If I didn't still have Christmas gifts to buy I would get this now. Yes, Lord.

Oh and I love how all of the people who are raving about the collection are clearly middle aged white people talking about the songs taking them back to high school. I was like 6. They would hate me...Ooooohh Christopher Cross' Sailing is playing. Forget an Nsync. Sailing is Christopher Cross' song now and forever.

I might have to take some people's gifts back....

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