Monday, December 24, 2007

Home Again-Toya

I'm spending the day in Center City Philadelphia today. I have no money which is a really good thing. I am meeting a childhood friend here at Cosi which apparently is a popular chain of coffee shops in the Northeast. She found me on Facebook just last week. Catching up should be interesting.

I've reflected on my childhood a great deal since I've been home these last two days. Things are wonderful now and according to my childhood pictures things were good then. However, I wasn't the happiest child. I struggled with self esteem well up into my 20's and even now I am a bit nervous. The friend I am meeting is president of her own company,was in all honors classes, track and pretty popular with the fellas. I was terribly an underachiever. I just did not focus in school. So she is one of my "all grown up" friends. I must admit, I'm a little intimidated. We'll see how this goes.

My second meeting of the day is up in the air as always. We'll call him Scott. I've known Scott since I was 3 and for some reason for the past 3 years he always seems to cancel on me. I chalk it up to a hectic schedule but I'm not so sure. We get along great. We even joke if we aren't married by 40 we'll got to Vegas abd marry each other. He tried to move it to 35 but I wasn't having it. Here she comes!

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