Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If I May...-Toya

If I may step onto the soapbox that Tia just stepped off of, I'd like to offer my opinion of this whole "it's just sex" mentality. If it was "just sex", pornography (legal and illegal) would not be a bajillion dollar industry. If it was "just sex" companies would not spend millions trying to tittilate masses with making everything under the sun, even cereal, seem to be about sex. If it was "just sex" it would not come with a ton of consequences. I really don't get the "just sex" notion. One thing that I love my parents for is that they broke down casual sex as having many more consequences outside of unwanted pregnancies and diseases that didn't even exist when they first talked to me about sex. I think I was 4. They were not playing. Both my mom and my dad individually warned me of the emotional damage that can come along with it. This and the grace of God is what has kept me somewhat sane and abstinent for my 32 years.

Pleeeeeaaaaaaassse don't think Tia and I are trying to act like we are holier than thou. If anything, we are probably hornier than thou. But if you've been reading long enough you know that we still deal with heartbreaks of guys that we may not have ever kissed. Could you imagine if we wouldve slept with these jokers. Wow!

For those that frequently get picked on and ridiculed for abstaining whether you are a virgin or not, allow me to lend you this story: I have a family member who often ridicules me for not having sex. She claims I am the last virgin on earth since Mother Teresa died. Mind you, this woman has 4 kids, 2 babies daddies and is in a marriage where both of them are cheating. She had the nerve to look at me and say this:" I know you are waiting on God, Toy but how long are you gonna wait on God?". That is like a crack head walking up to you twitching and scratching while wearing the same clothes they've had on for 3 days, asking if you'd like to take a hit. Naw dude. I'm cool.

Keep your eyes on the prize and look forward to blessed, buckwild guilt-free married sex with a man that not only has promised you forever but will remember your name the next morning. It's worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that this blog post has blessed me so much! I am 31 and still a virgin and I feel like a dying breed. I've been single for what seems like forever, but I know God has a plan for me. Thanks for the encouragement:)