Saturday, November 24, 2007

We are a bit early for the show we are at tonight so since Tia gave her 7 things about her, I figured I'd do the same to pass the time away.

1. I don't regret not finishing college. I entered college when I was 17 and very sheltered and left after a full year. I was never that good in school not because I wasn't smart but because I wasn't focused. It's 15 years later and I am just learning the importance of focus. I've always known that I've wanted to be in the music industry but never on stage. If I have any regrets about not furthering my education it would be that I should've gone to a music business school. God knows I have more than enough internship hours under my belt for a 2 year college.

2. I too am horribly afraid of wet bread and I don't understand why this is not a clinically proven phobia. I can't remember what Tia wrote about her phobia so I don't want to repeat the same story. We were at a party where someone brought a Tre's Leche cake. I thought that meant "3 Flavors". You know like 5 Flavor poundcake that was 2 flavors too short? Tia tried to cut me off at the pass to warn me not to eat the cake with 3 MILKS. When she found me, I was in a the corner of another room by myself,rocking back and forth twitching, trying to convince myself that everything would be alright.

3. I am a huge daddy's girl. I have a highly responsible, unconditional loving, dependable to a fault father...who you can NEVER talk badly about. I remember a guy saying that I my standards were too high and I wanted a guy just like my father. I quickly let him know that my standards are only too high for little boys who can't reach them.

4. Let's see Tia talked about boogers so what is that embarrassing to me? Oh, I am a tweeze fanatic. I have 3 sets of tweezers and I sometimes tweeze facial hair at night while driving. I'm a Sasquatch, I swear. Tia says that she can never notice but one week I had the flu and could not umm, self maintain? When I was well enough to make it out of my room, she left to pick up my prescription along with some Nair facial cream. It's real serious.

5. I am pursuing being a media coach as well an indie artist coach. I love indie artists and because record labels are becoming obsolete, I want to help indie artists become their own independent businesses so that if they are approached by a major label, they can develop a deal solely on their terms. I also am passionate about artists that are Christians that seek to influence the arts outside of the church walls. How many times have you heard an artist say that they grew up singing in the church but they don't seem to publicly live a life that shows that? I believe it's because a lot of very talented Christians get discouraged by the church about doing mainstream or "secular" music and thus fall away. I am a part of a ministry that provides support for such people. This is my life's work and nothing fulfills me more. I would love to do all of these things free of charge.

6. My new favorite color is lime green.

7. I don't know how to not be late. I hate that people never expect me to be on time. I have done the whole move the clock forward 15 minutes to psyche yourself out and it only makes me more late. Sigh... I remember telling someone that I would be somewhere at 7 o'clock and he said "Awesome! 7:25 it is." Pitiful.

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