Sunday, November 18, 2007

How about...- Tia

I completely forgot the AMAs were on tonight.

I just turned to ABC as they were presenting Beyonce with the...what was that they just gave her...? Anyway, say what you want about the girl, she's a beast. She hustles. She knows how to play the game and she plays it well. I can't hate that. I'm no Beyonce stan. But I'm no hater either. And I respect what the girl does. And I know more than a couple of the chick's songs. Do your thang.

Two Words
I love that Mary is doing the Whop.

Why are Chris Brown and Mel B(rown) from the Spice Girls sitting together? She'd better not mess up my baby.

Who knew that Bone Thugs were still doing music? And where is Bizzy Bone? He is ALWAYS good for some nonsense.

Lenny Kravitz will NEVER EVER stop being fine.

I freakin' LOVE Queen Latifah's hair. I'm getting that cut as soon as my hair grows out. And can we please talk about how far Dana has come. Yeah, Queen.

I think I am as surprised as Fergie is that she won.

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