Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's on your iPod - Tia

So I've actually had to work the last few days. I think my luxurious days of sitting at home getting paid to watch America's Most Smartest Model will be coming to an end shortly. Especially since I will soon have to start traveling BACK to California every 6 weeks. BOOOO. (Linda trust me, you don't want my job on the days that I'm not at home. And Ms. Complexity, I do get bored from time to time. I read a lot when it gets slow. And I surf the web far too much. A lot of my friends are on IM during the day so I get to keep in touch with people. But if you do work from home, make sure you leave the house when the day is over. Otherwise, you will go a little batty being in the house all day, every day.)

But while I have been working more, I still find time to hunt for fun British boys online. I stumbled across this cute youngster called Smivadee on youtube and I am officially a fan.

As you can see, that's where I got the idea for this post from.

I figured I would just hit random on my iPod and list the first 10 (five is boring) songs that came up. The only time I'm allowed to skip is if a monologue comes up. (That could actually happen more than you realize. I have the New Testament on my iPod, so it wouldn't be a big shocker if 2 Thessalonians started playing.)

These are the songs that came up when I put my iPod on shuffle...Oh and by the way the first thing that came up was Mark 13.
- Where Do We Go From Here - Mat Kearney
Album: Nothing Left To Lose
- To Worship You I Live - Israel and New Breed
Album: Alive In South Africa
- Up Where We Belong - Bebe and Cece Winans
Album: Greatest Hits (This one took me WAY back.)
- Budsmoker's Only - Bone Thugs -N- Harmony
Album: E. 1999 Eternal (I actually had to listen to this one. I don't smoke NO KIND of weed, but this song took me back to high school. I lived in Ohio when Bone Thugs broke huge. They were from Cleveland. So you couldn't go anywhere without hearing a Bone song. Man....yeah!!!)
- Drive Slow - Kanye West
Album: Late Registration
- Arms of My Baby - Joss Stone
Album: Introducing Joss Stone
- Neon - John Mayer
Album: Any Given Thursday
- Not Ready To Make Nice - The Dixie Chicks
Album: Taking the Long Way (Say what you want about the Dixie Chicks, they are FIYAH!!!!
- Groove Swing - Roi Anthony
Album: The True Soul Experience (For the most part, even though I have almost 3000 songs, I know everything that's on my iPod. But this one threw me for a loop. I have no idea where I got it from....Steve, did you send this to me?)
- Vultures - John Mayer
Album: Continuum (This is my daggone song. I don't know what it is about John Mayer but he always seems to be able to write an album that speaks to right where I am. When No Such Thing came out, I was dead in the center of my quarter life crisis. Room For Squares got me through my post college trauma. And then pretty much like he knew where I was coming from, he went and wrote Heavier Things for me. New Deep was my theme song. "Numb is the new deep/Down with the old me/I'm over the analyzing tonight." Yes, child. And then Continuum dropped and I wanted to kiss John in his mouth. Vultures is my current mantra. "Down to the wire/I wanted water but I walked through the fire/If this is what it takes to take me even higher/Then I'll come through like I do when the world keeps TESTING ME TESTING ME TESTING ME." Oh and please don't forget "Power is made by power being taken/So I keep on running to protect my situation." When someone is acting up and needs to be cut out, Toya and I are quick to tell each other, "Girl, protect your situation." I don't care what you heard, John Mayer has been my pastor on many occasions.

Anyway, those were my the first ten songs on my iPod. Now it's your turn.List the first ten songs that play on your iTunes/iPod when it's on shuffle. And no cheating. If it's something random and embarrassing, too bad. You have to list it.

Happy shuffling.

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