Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not for everyone - Tia
(I was walking to my car and this song popped into my head. And because I am the princess of obscure songs, I found it on my iPod and listened to it on the way home.)

To fully appreciate the video below you must meet the following criteria.

1. Must have been born sometime in the 70s - You youngsters just will not get this. Some of you weren't even out of diapers when this came out and thus can not appreciate how crucial this was to an adolescent girl in the 90s.

2. Must have had the Disney Channel before it was free - or at the very least have known someone who did. A cousin, a neighbor, basically someone you could squeal and giggle with.

3. Be a girl - I knew NO guys who watched this show. NONE. I don't even think they guys ON the show watched it.

4. Must understand that though Keri Russell went on to be all serious as Felicity, she will forever be that white girl with the big curly hair who wasn't a bad dancer.

5. Understand that the names Damon, Chase, Albert, Tony, Matt, JC and Dale were enough to make any diehard fan go absolutely butt-noodles.

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