Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Music - Tia

I promise you, just the other day I was wondering where Craig David was. I used to love me some him. I remember I paid like $30 for his first cd. It hadn't come out here in the states and at the time there was no release date for it. So I ponied up the money for the UK version and got my jam on. Of course several months later the cd was on sale at Target for like $9.

Anyway, according to Concreteloop, CD has a new cd dropping soon. And Craig and 'em's website has a release date of Nov 12th. (I wonder if that's the UK date or everywhere...?) Oh and can we talk about how I didn't even know that Craig had 3 cds. I only knew of two.

Here's the video for the first(?) single.

I don't love it. It's the same ol' same ol'. You're hot. I'm turned on. Shake your thang...yada yada yada. (I wish people wouldn't sample David Bowie's great music for crappy songs)...And the look reminds me A LOT of the Hammertime video. Seriously, look at the dancers on the platform with the white background. I'm just waiting for Hammer to come dancing in.

So since I'm disappointed with this initial offering, please accept my apologies on Craig and 'em's behalf and enjoy this old CD video. Oh, and Gordon...DAMN MAN!!!! You could still holla.

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