Sunday, October 21, 2007

Late night ramblings - Tia

Politics and Such
I don't usually discuss politics. Nothing irritates people more than religion and politics. So I usually don't bother with the politics. As far as religion goes, Jesus is Lord. If you don't like it, you are in the wrong place. (Oooh, cute British boy on Law and Order. Sorry, I get distracted easily. It's the accent.)

I want to preface what I'm about to say with this: I am not endorsing anyone in particular. I will say that the only people on my radar with now are Hillary, Ron Paul and Barack Obama. And I'm not going to front, I really want a Barack the Vote shirt. But since I haven't fully made up my mind yet, I will hold off on the t-shirt.

I will say this though, make sure you pay attention. We have to change the system. It cost a million dollars to fill your tank. Innocent men and women are dying in a war that most of us don't understand and don't agree with. I'm surprised that we haven't been burnt to bits with how bad the environment is. Do we even have an ozone layer left? Just wondering. Healthcare is shoddy and unattainable for some. And don't EVEN get me started on how I'm supporting someone's grandparents but at the rate we're going there won't be any money left for me when I get old.

All I'm saying is that we need to make a difference in the next election. We have to get out, learn the issues and vote. And please don't come to me with that, "My vote doesn't count" nonsense. You see what happened last time. Minorities are grossly underrepresented at election time. But I bet a WHOLE bunch of people of color who didn't vote for the leader of the free world, voted to make sure Fantasia won American Idol. Say something...

Learn the facts, know the candidates, go out and vote.

PC'ed to death
Is it wrong that I would rather be called a Black American than an African American? While I am in NO WAY denying my CLEARLY African roots, the term seems antiquated and archaic at this point. I mean, unless your parents are off the boat African, are you really an African American? And besides, my mom's side of the family is also white and and Native American. My mom's grandfather was full blood Cherokee or Choctaw or something. Which actually makes me 1/8 Native American, which means I should qualify for some kind scholarship, right? Anyway, am I being too picky with the Black American thing?

What is up with churches not preaching/teaching anymore? Maybe it's because I've grown up in church, but I don't want a bunch of stories or disjointed points thinly veiled as a sermon. Now I'm not saying I want to be brow beaten into submission when I go to church. But I would like to learn about the word. I would like to know more about Jesus and growing spiritually and about how to love God's people more. I guess I just want to feel like the time I spend in church is going to help me grow and further God's kingdom. Maybe it's just late and I'm whiny because I'm tired.

John Mayer was right
All you need is love is a lie.

Giggly girl song of the moment
I have turned into the giggliest of girls. Toya says it's because I have finally realized what it means to truly be happy. She may be right. I have fallen head over heals in love with the color pink. (What, did y'all think I was going to type some guy's name here. Trust, where there is a name to type, it will be typed.) Anyway, I love the color pink. This is of course after years of giving Toya grief about wearing pink all of the time. I actually love flowers and such. But what in my opinion is the girliest thing about it is that I have a girlie theme song. It's Colbie Caillat's Bubbly. I freakin' love this song right now. I seriously can not get enough it. It reminds me of being in love (which makes me want a boyfriend but I've already discussed that.) It is so, for lack of a better word, bubbly. This morning I seriously found myself dancing around in my underwear, brushing my hair, singing the song. Holy scene from a John Landis movie, Batman.

I'm hungry
I have taken up running and now find myself in a constant state of hunger. Suggestions?

If I am to believe the commercial that I just saw, all single gay men in Atlanta are buff, horrible dancers and looking to hook up with each other by phone.

Does anyone really want to buy coffee cake from QVC?

I just came across a site that offers contract positions in my field in the UK. So in theory, I could take a 12 month job in London, Manchester, Berkshire, Cornwall, basically anywhere there's a contract position. I mean, why not? I'm sure I can find a British boy to call my very own in 12 months.

Late night television is horrible. And BET is even more of a travesty at this hour.

Prince is not that great of an actor. (Just stumbled across Purple Rain.)

I have some of the greatest friends in the world. I went back to Nashville last weekend and I realized that sometimes you just don't know what you've got until it's gone. While I will never regret the time I spent in LA, I'm really happy to be back on the east side. Because frankly, going through life without people to walk with is miserable no matter how perfect the weather is. One of favorite friends said it best, "Having a place that you can call home and people that you can call friends isn't a privilege. It's a blessing." She's right. While I don't know a lot of people here in Atlanta yet, I do have some really great people that I can call and in 3 short hours be with. People who will pray for me if I need it, comfort me if I'm hurting, and make me laugh until I'm hoarse. And knowing that they're near by is the best feeling in the world.

Hogan Knows Best
Oddly enough, I don't hate Brooke Hogan. I thought I would, but I fooled around watched HKB on Friday while my internet was down.( I couldn't work. No internet, no work.) As far as barely singing pop stars go, she's pretty palatable.
(oooh, I Would Die 4 U is on. It seriously is top 3 favorite Prince songs.)

Making Menudo
I have no words for this.

And finally
A random iPod shuffle
- Emily King: Walk In My Shoes (Thanks Steve)
- Israel and New Breed: You've Made Me Glad/Who Is Like The Lord
- DC Talk: Free at Last (I RAN this song into the ground when it came out. I still rock it from time to time.)
- Nicole Nordeman: I Wish The Same For You
- Vertical Horizon: Best I Ever Had
- Kirk Franklin: Sunshine
- Phil Collins Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)- Such a Broken Man song. Take a look at me now/Because I'll still be standing here...Even though Phil has made it perfectly clear that this woman is not coming back, he's going to just stand there and wait. It's against all odds. But he's willing to ride it out. That's a shame.
- TobyMac: Wonderin' Why
- Brandy: Sittin' Up In My Room - Donald Faison was in this video. I loved this song. I remember playing it so much back in high school that my mom came and knocked on my door and asked me if there were any other songs on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack that I could play.
- Kanye West ft. Chris Martin: Homecoming (Again, thanks Steve)

There were a lot of Christian artists this time around....hmmm

Okay it is so late that VH1 has started playing videos again.

Radiohead's High & Dry video just came on. Isn't that song like 7 years old? Which begs the question, why doesn't VH1 play all the videos since they CLEARLY have them just sitting there collecting dust.

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