Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I have no idea where to even begin - Tia

First off, MAD shout outs to Gina for hippin' us to this.

I haven't watched SNL with any sort of regularity in years. And when I heard LeBron James was hosting I was sufficiently underwhelmed. Most ball players can't act. Or rap. (Don't act like y'all forgot about Shaq trying to rap.) So I wasn't even remotely interested in watching. And because, for the most part SNL is lame, I missed this:

I have so many problems with this I don't even know where to begin.
- First off, Andy Samberg needs to be investigated. Seriously. He wrote the now infamous D*ck in a Box, which won an Emmy in case you didn't know. And then he came up with this. I don't know who he hangs out with, but I need to find out. His little ditties have just a little too much R&B flavor for his own good. And if I hear him call one more person "Boo" it's going to be a situation. I need to know what his story is. He is about to get talked to. Frankly, he knows too much.

Second, ADAM LEVINE COULD GET IT. I know that's not Christ-like, but I'm just saying. That skinny little man can sing his behind off. And he is just sexy for NO DAMN REASON. I want to be a part of his world. That's someone I could get behind; ask him what his interests are, who you BE WITH???

And while we all know he's fine let's not forget his voice is just sick. I seriously could listen to him sing just about anything. And who the hell keeps letting Adam wear that white suit? I promise you, if I see Adam on the street somewhere I am going to jail. Because I will have him trapped up in a corner so fast HE won't even know how he got there.

Jesus be a big linebacker bodyguard around Adam.

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