Sunday, October 7, 2007

He May Not Come When You Want Him...-Toya

but He is ALWAYS on time!!!!!!!!

What yall need to know is on Friday 9:30 am I was suddenly homeless and packed with nowhere to go but at 7:30 pm that very day, less than 12 hours later I was handing a new landlord a check for my deposit for a place that is nicerand safer than the one I was intending to move into that very day.

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

What I like about blogging is that there is no reason to ever try to be politically correct. I can't credit this to anyone but my Father in heaven. Me, with lousy credit, never lived on my own, getting a wonderful place to live by myself in less than 12 hours? Luck is finding some change in a phone booth. This is Jesus. Gotta go! I'm moving today.

"Late in the midnight hour, God's gonna turn it around. It's gonna work in your favor"- Fred Hammond "We're Blessed"

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