Friday, October 12, 2007

Guilty Pleasure of the Moment - Tia

So as most of you know, I work from home. Today is a slow day, so I was watching videos on VH1. (Yes, believe it or not VH1 does still play videos. I'm not sure what time they start but they play them until 11 every morning. It gives me hope...okay not really, but whatever.) So anyway, after the videos went off they played a commercial for a show called America's Most Smartest Model. The title alone made me laugh. But what put me over the top was that during the commercial they asked a girl to walk the runway and as she walked she had to name trees. (You know, can models walk and talk...?) She said, "Pine Tree....Umbrella Tree." Water almost came out of my nose.

So far I love and hate Andre all at the same time. He's so passionate about NOTHING. He kind of reminds me of the Russian from the fourth, and what I consider THE LAST, Rocky movie. Very intense. Very proud of Mother Russian. Very chiseled. Bless his heart. He's so hot and angry and small-minded.

Pickel is cute. Brett is pretty. Seriously, he is too pretty for his own good. Slap a wig on him and he's a girl.

Mandy Lynn said she wanted to look classy. She went past classy about 5 surgeries ago.

And all of the male models are hating on Daniel for being too smart.

Oh, and why is the one black guy gay? And not the fun kind of gay. The bitchy kind.

Basically, I already love this trainwreck of a show. And maybe I have a black girl chip on my shoulder, but I can't stand I Love New York because it seems to not only objectify women but it plays up to EVERY SINGLE black stereotype available. (Plus New York looks like a Japanimation character to me. I can't take anyone who looks like a cartoon character seriously.) But I don't mind at all when other people are objectified. And in the first half hour of the show, they have managed to insult skinny girls, dumb models, Russians and anyone who's every had plastic surgery. But I don't mind.

OMG....They just asked on of the models to spell Chiffon and he spelled it SHAFAWN.

I love this show.
(Oh, they just revealed that there is such a thing as an Umbrella Tree. Who knew??)

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