Sunday, September 9, 2007

Live(-ish) VMAs ramblings - Tia

- Brtiney Spears performance was WACK!!!!!! They hyped it up all night and it was nothing. She was lip-synching (nothing new there) but she didn't even seem that interested. She almost seemed bored, like she was just going through the motions. And the song itself was WACK!!! I'm not going to lie. I have liked a few Britney songs in the past. Okay, actually only one that I can think of: Toxic. But this song is even beneath the crappy pop she's known for.
Her performance gets a 2/10
Oh and I love how 50 just looked bored and somewhat confused when one of Britney's strippers...oops...dancers was on her pole at his table. He was probably thinking, "I didn't know I would need ones at the VMAs."

- I love that when JT accepted his award he challenged MTV to play more videos. Funny but never going to happen.

- Who do I need to shoot at MTV for not showing Adam's whole performance of Wake Up Call?

- I'm going to need Chris Brown to not be so dang cute. And I must say the carnival background is not helping my dirty old lady feelings. (Shut up Toya! He does not have baby teeth. Omarion DOES still have baby hair though. So there.) And why is CB fronting like he's singing? All that dancing, he can't possibly have enough extra breath to actually sing.

- YEAAAA Rihanna and Chris are doing Umbrella/Cinderella. I seriously love that version. (Where is Shia?) Oh nevermind. Chris is channeling Michael Jackson.

- Should I be surprised that Robin Thicke is sitting by Nelly?

- Am I just out of the loop or should I know who Soulja Boy is?

- I think I'm just not in the right demographic because I don't know who those girls from The Hills are either.

- I like how Justin said he's getting older. What is he 24...25? Sit your young ass down. And did he really just say music is in a good place right now? Whatever. I scoff in his general direction. But I do like that he is not going to let the fact the MTV doesn't play videos go.

- Skee-Lo is performing with The Foo Fighters. If he wants to, I will marry Taylor Hawkins. I have been a Taylor Hawkins fan since he was Alanis Morrisette's drummer.

- I see Shia trying to grow some facial hair. He's precious. Shia just said WORD. Awwww....

- Kanye's performance made me want to go listen to his new album. (Thanks Steve.)

- Travis from Gym Class Heroes straightened his hair. Why am I jealous? And I recognize Travis, Lil' Wayne and the lead singer of Fallout Boy but who are the rest of those people on stage?

- I actually don't hate the song Linkin Park is performing.

- Okay they said the boys from Entourage. And while I love Adrien Grienier and Kevin Connolly where is Jerry Ferrera? Yes, we all know Vince is the cute one and the one the show revolves around but where is Turtle? I will take a Turtle over a Vince any day.

- I LOVE this Alicia Keys song, No One. I seriously can't wait for her new album. I'll admit it, I'm a fan. Have been for a while. And I love that she re-did George Michael's Freedom. Wait is that Israel Houghton and New Breed singing back-up? Get your life right. Jesus is coming back.

- Hand to the Bible, I would hurt Common if I saw him somewhere. I'm late catching the version but best believe it is caught. And I know that Common and Kanye share a record label together, but I would prefer if Kanye would sit down and let Common perform on his own. Kanye just distracts from the whole thing. Nothing against Kanye, but Common needs to stand alone. That's all I'm saying.

- Say what you want but that guy from Fall Out Boy can sing. I mean he's no Ne-yo (who is singing the heck out of the chorus Clothes Off) but that little white man has a nice little voice on him.

- I almost wanted Amy Winehouse to win best new artist. But only if she'd been there. I would have LOVED to have seen her accept the award.

- Did Jennifer Garner just call them Gym Class Fallout? She won't be invited back.

- OH LORD....They gave Miss South Carolina a mike and dialogue. Oh, that was almost as bad as her original ummm....offering. Yeah, that's what I'll call it.

- Not that she doesn't always, but Mary looks so good. I'm glad Mary ain't mad no more.

- Hate on Dre if you want to but you KNOW you know all of the words to at least one Dre songs. And why does Dre look like he just got out of jail? His upper body looks like he's been spending the last few weeks lifting in the yard.

- I really do love Rihanna's haircut. But isn't it just an updated version of T-boz's cut circa 1996 or so?

- Did Kid and Tommy really get into a fight tonight? People keep referencing it. Or are they just talking about all of those other times those two were fighting?

(This has nothing to do with the VMA but for some reason it just popped into my head. Does anyone else think that the lead singer of Silverchair looks like what Satan would look like if he took human form?)

- Are Nelly Furtado's dancers drag queens? I'm seriously not trying to be mean, but the one that was to her left looked like a man. I'm just wondering.

- After seeing JT in concert I can no longer hate on Timbaland. I really have a new appreciation for his songs. And does anyone know who the girl is who sang on the Way I Are? She sang something on video during the concert and I really like her voice.

- JT could have it. I'd be lying if I said anything else. I freakin' love him. Not as much as I love JC but it is a lot. I still don't appreciate how he threw Janet under the bus a few years back but we can chalk it up to ignorance and immaturity, right?

Okay, so overall, I didn't hate the awards. I do wish they'd stop inviting Sarah Silverman to stuff but whatever. But I have to say that this is the first time in a while that I've watched the VMAs. Not too bad of a show.

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