Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trainwreck, I'm a trainwreck for you - Tia
Trainwreck is the title of a song by one of BGLUs favorite artists Mat Kearney. And please believe he was a favorite before he was a VH1 artist you ought to know. We've been trying to hip you to him since '04. I'm just saying.

I need to spend less time online. I know this. But my time spent is sometimes rewarded by little gems like this.

When I tell you that I CRIED with laughter when I saw this please believe me. This child is a trainwreck and I will probably get a good talking to from the Lord about laughing as long and as hard as I did when I get to heaven. But right now I don't care. This is scarily hilarious. It's funny, but it's also really sad. Because if the truth be told if this guy was on fire Britney would not go out of her way to put him out.

And in other Britney type news, Kanye said the same thing that Toya said last night. MTV milked Britney for ratings. They knew good and dangone well that that girl was going to be a mess on stage and they let her perform anyway. They knew she was going to be a walking tragedy.

All jokes aside, that girl needs love so badly. I really wish I could give her a hug and let her know that it really can be okay.

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