Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thought for the Day-Toya

I was just going through my emails (I am really bad about deleting emails) and found something that I wrote to a friend of mine. It was something that I said that I learned but I am not entirely convinced that I have learned it yet. It said this:

"Love keeps no records of past wrongs so love yourself enough to not keep any against yourself."

I honestly was surprised that I said that because lately I haven't done such a good job at that to be completely honest. Just the other night I went back and read all of our posts from 2004 only to find that I am still dealing with some of the same things that I was struggling with back then. Same script, different cast. I am still being tested in the same areas and have yet to pass with flying colors. Thank you Jesus for being patient and faithful. God is so good. So to everyone, give yourself a break. Let yourself off the hook. Stop bringing up old stuff. You may have embarrassed yourself at one point, put your heart on the line or worn your emotions on your sleeve with the best intentions only to have to endure the worst outcome. It's alright. Love again and live your life looking straight ahead and don't look back. Now if someone would copy and paste this and email this to me in about a week so that I can follow my own advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Be well.

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