Sunday, September 23, 2007

Somebody pray for me...

because my soon to be new neighbor looks like Zach Braff and is single. It wasn't until very recently have I been feeling Zach Braff. Back when I was watching Scrubs (before I was without a television) I couldn't appreciate Zach Braff and the fullness thereof (of his lips) because I was continuously distracted by Donald Faison who to me is just unjustifiable hotness. However, a few weeks ago I saw The Ex with him, Jason Bateman and Amanda Peete and was actually able to really see him and appreciate the great creation of God Almighty of which is Zach Braff's mouth. It's a problem. I think I am going to fast on my lunch break and sit at my desk every day this week listening to Joyce Meyer messages on my headphones. Your prayers are much appreciated.-Toya

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