Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Six Days and Counting...-Toya

Chaka Khan's first studio record in 10 years, "Funk This" comes out next Tuesday and I can barely contain myself. I swore off sushi, Forever 21 and other frivolous expenses for the next few months because I am moving out on my own but I am buying this the day it comes out. This is NEW Chaka! I need this like I need gas in my car. R&B NEEDS THIS LIKE I NEED GAS IN MY CAR!

The first time I heard the single "Angel", I was driving back from my soon to be new home, worried about the responsibilities of living by myself. I thought that it was an old Chaka song that I had missed somehow. That is how great she sounds and how timeless she is.

"Troubled little angel, inconsistent flying blind most of the time, drama queen"...

"Umm, did she write a song about me?" I thought, a little "saltily" I might add (the truth hurts sometimes). I then imagined Chaka Khan being my fairy godmother singing this too me much like in Cinderella. Wouldn't she be the PERFECT fairy godmother??? Anyway, I love every single track that I have heard thus far. I smell Grammy and I am pretty sure the cut offs for consideration are in October. I cannot wait until next Tuesday! Check out her myspace page at to hear "Angel", her cover of Prince's "Sign of the Times" and the banger, "Disrespectful" with Mary J. Blige.

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