Saturday, September 29, 2007

Toya's Random Thought of the Day

Why am I happy about Pam and Jim from The Office like it's ME and Jim from The Office? And if there is a real life Jim Halpert that loves Jesus and brown girls, send him quickly in my direction post haste, thank you. I just got done watching the season premiere and I swear it made my whole day.

I have spoken to several newly married/newly engaged people and I keep hearing "I always said I would never marry someone that was..." and that is exactly the kind of person they married. I guess you never know. I always thought that I wanted to marry someone that was very outgoing and talkative and hilarious and then when I got around someone like that it drove me crazy. I tend to like the more shy, more laid back types(Shy should not read intimidated). Sarcasm is a must or else they will continuously think I'm a jerk. I mean, I can't help it. I'm from New Jersey. We export sarcasm from there.

I guess what made me so happy about Jim and Pam (I guess I am spoiling it for whoever hasn't seen the premiere episode yet) is that although fictional characters, they mirror the kind of relationship that to me is the most ideal. They are best buds. That is so fresh. The thing about that is sometimes (for me anyway) you can meet someone that seems to be best bud material but they may not be someone that you can respect to lead in the long run. Case in point, my best friend for a long time admitted that he wanted us to be together and even though I have never been more comfortable and happy with anyone else in my lifetime, we are too much alike for it to work. He is too much like me for me to be able to respect him and trust him enough to lead in a relationship. I know, issues.

Everytime I think I know what I want I am way off. That's ok I guess. I would rather it be this way than be in and out of relationships. That's too much wear and tear on the human heart. So until it's time, if it will ever be, I will watch The Office and be happy for Pam and Jim.

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