Monday, September 24, 2007

Que hora es? - Tia

First of all, there is entirely too much stuff on the interweb.

I'm not working today. (That is another story for another time.) So I have plenty of time on my hands to do a lot of nothing. Let me tell ya, so far the day has been great. I got up, had my quiet time, went to the gym and now I'm laying around in my own funk (I will be showering soon) surfing the net and reading my email.

I was on one of my favourite sites in the whole world, crunktastical, and I was reading some ignant behind -ish Adrein, aka Mrs. Peter Brady, said about black history month. The comments on her ignorance are HA-HA-LARIOUS. Anyway, someone commented about a Cedric the Entertainer skit called Que Hora Es? I had never seen it before but I knew where to go to find it: Youtube. You can find just about anything on youtube.

The skits are ridiculously funny. And I think part of the reason that they're so funny is because they're pretty accurate for most people. I mean, I know I can't speak too much Spanish and I took 4 1/2 years of it. I can understand a bit more than most but it's nothing at all to brag about. Basically, if I were in a jam, I could ask you where the bathroom or hospital was, I could find out how much it costs, and I could tell you my name and age. Beyond that it would be a struggle.

My favorite line in the whole thing is, "El pollo loco es muy delicioso." It has nothing to do with anything but it is funny. And El Pollo Loco is good. I miss that from Cali.

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