Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Normally I don't do this - Tia

There have been a few times when people we know and even people we don't know have asked us to post stuff on the site. For the most part the answer is no. It's nothing personal. But if you do it for one and then don't do it for the other, you run the risk of hurting feelings and alienating people. Besides, it's our site, we can pretty much do what we want. I keed, I keed...okay, not really...

However, my music boyfriend Steve, requested that I post this youtube video as like a Steve's crush of the moment. And I figured I would for two reasons. 1.) I have come out the side of my mouth MANY A TIME and asked him for some insane music request (and Toya has too a few times) and he has ALWAYS come through. ALWAYS. (Oh by the way Steve, can you send me that Joy Denalane again? For some reason the file is missing on my iTunes.) So I figured the least I could do is grant this one request. 2.) I have a feeling that he wanted me to post it to let all of our eligible readers know that he rolls with the brown skinned girls. You gotta love a brit boy who loves music and sistahs, right?

So anyway, this is Steve's crush of the moment.

And if you want to holla at Steve, hit me up. You know I gotta screen y'all for my boy. Smiley Face


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