Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Never going to stop being funny - Tia

Someone sent us a comment or email recently (I can't remember which) that said that she'd tried to start reading our blog from the beginning with the intention of working her way forward. First of all I was really touched by that. Seriously, I was. I really appreciate our readers and I hope that we can keep this site going for a long time. AND I hope that we can make it a little more legitimate looking some day in the near future. (Levi, if you still want to design something for us, have at it.)

Now part of me wouldn't recommend trying to read 4 years worth of blogging. I mean even during our off year (2006) we still had almost 100 posts. That's a lot of reading and some of them are so random that I wouldn't even read them. But then part of me wants you to invest in the past. Not just because I want the whole world to know about my adventures with Toya and my random obsession about marriage, but also because some of this stuff is HA-HA-LARIOUS. And it's never not going to be funny. The Rick Springfield story still cracks me up. The story about the time that my rental car got stolen is too classic to NOT be funny. And the time I thought I was going to have to fight the guy in line for some Poison tickets is just classic BGLU.

So if you want, take the time to peruse. If not, just click here to read the funniest Toya mauling an 80s icon story that you'll ever hear.

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