Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More New Music - Tia

So I have a girl crush on Alicia Keys. For real, that girl is FIYAH. I really can't wait for her new cd to drop. I should be back on my A game November 13th and I fully intend to burn a hole in someones music store. (Random aside: I really miss Amoeba Music in LA. Thus far, I haven't been able to find a store that even comes close to that one.)

I decided to post her new single and some old stuff just because....

I'm sorry, Rob Thomas and Alicia Keys doing Bill Wither's Use Me NEVER gets old for me. I would have been all up in Rob's mouth if he was singing to me like that. But that's another story.

And speaking of Rob Thomas, Bent came on my iPod when I was at the gym yesterday and I had to listen to it like 12 times. I remember exactly where I was the first time I saw the video. It was senior year of college. I was off campus at a friend's apartment with a bunch of my girlfriends. The video came on and the room grew VERY quiet. And then there was the scene when Rob is walking against the wind...I kid you not I heard every girl in the room, myself included, gasp. I swear the air in the room got a little thinner. Forget what you heard, Rob Thomas is fine. And I think he married a colored girl. She's Spanish or something. Whatever, I ain't mad at her.

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