Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I promise this is the last one - Tia

I love Grey's Anatomy. As broke as I am, I actually gave up a shift at my night job so that I could be home this Thursday to watch the season premiere. Anyone who knows me knows that there are 3 times a week when you can not call me and if you do you will go straight to voicemail. Mondays at 9 for Heroes. Wednesdays at 10 for Lost. And Thursdays at 9 for Grey's.

My dad doesn't get Comcast so I can't get a DVR and until I get my money right I can't get TIVO. So basically I have to watch the shows when they're on. So that means no calls, no emails, no internet.

Anywho, I was just surfing the blogsphere and came across Mat Kearney's new video. I'm hoping that it will be this year's theme song. As much as I love the The Fray, I think it's time that Grey's got a new song.

So because we LOVE Mat around here and because I adore Grey's like a champ here's the new video. And I promise it is the last one of the day. (I was going to write a whole post (and post a video) about how I love Shayne Ward and other pretty boys of his ilk but I will save that for another time. )

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