Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Baby Love-Toya

Steve, I know you remember Baby Love on New Edition's second album but do you remember Regina's "Baby Love"? That's my cut.

I am going to hell with gasoline boy shorts on for this one. I promise.

Now it's no huge shocker that I am a dirty old lady. I have spoken numerous times about the scholarship "program" I would have for some TSU and Belmont University brothas if I had any less morals. However I have to ask myself upon learning about Shia Lebouf dating Rihanna, have I always detected "the potential" and I was just waiting for him to hit 21? I looked on a few blogs and quite a few sistas were saying that they knew he had "that swagger". Is he the new Justin Timberlake? Lord I hope so.

I have loved me some Shia since Even Stevens but not like THAT. However, I said the same thing about Omarion. Now grant it at times Omarion's baby hair on the sides is laid down finer than my Olan Mills baby picture taken circa 1976 but that brotha is danger. He was a "sweet, good looking kid" when he was in B2K but I breathed a huge sigh of relief when Tia looked him up on Imdb.com and assured me that he had turned 21 cause I was struggling trying to get through that "Touch" video.

Now Tia and I have discussed her crush Chris Brown on several occasions...

I personally can't see Chris Brown; at least not until the Tooth Fairy comes for those front two baby teeth.

I remember interning at a recording studio about 11 years back and Usher came for the week. I think he just stepped out from being Usher Raymond at that point. If I would've known he got down like that, I would've slipped my number to his guardian and told her to holla at me in about 3 years. I KID, I KID! Even I didn't see the potential in Ursh then. Pretty sure my voice was deeper than his and I had about two inches on him.

Pray for me.

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