Saturday, August 25, 2007

Throwback Video(s) of the Week - Tia

So I realized today that it had been ten days since either of us had posted anything. Sorry for the lag. I've been trying to get settled and Toya...well Toya has been having it....She's going through some things at the moment. Plus she doesn't have wireless at her house so it makes it a bit difficult to post.

I was talking to Toya about wanting to go to New York some time soon and just do a week of nothing but shows. There are so many shows on Broadway that I want to see. Hairspray, The Color Purple, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King...During the conversation Toya mentioned that Tevin Campbell was joining the Hairspray cast. Information that I was unaware of, I must say.

The conversation got me thinking about Tevin Campbell. Although he's had some trouble in recent years, you can't take away from the music he used to make.

This was one of my favorite songs from back in the day:

This song reminded of this song. (Tevin Campbell was the voice of Powerline.)

I remember that the clip was a Disney movie which reminded me of the time they did that Tevin Campbell song on the MMC.

The MMC clip reminded me that my boyfriend JC Chasez is one the best singers in the world as evidenced by this song.....(WHY?!?!?!? Didn't I know it......WHY?!?!?!?! Didn't I show it....I dare you to say he can't sing. I DARE YOU....)

So hopefully you were able to catch the train of thought that just flew past you.


One more thing. I was watching the Nysnc video and I just have to reiterate. I love JC. I mean, I really do. I know that I've said it before. (all you have to do is search the archives.) But really, he is the type of guy that could make me act all the way up. Seriously, if JC walked up to me right this minute and asked me to do just about anything, I would say yes. Without hesitation. I was watching the video and he is SANGING. I mean, he is feeling it. And he makes me want to be a part of whatever he is feeling. Watch his face. He is so into that song it's ridiculous. I know I'm rambling but I LOVE me some JC in such a special way. He would get dealt with if I ever saw him in the streets.

This concludes my stalker ramblings.

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