Monday, August 27, 2007

Drivin' Me Wild - Tia

Okay, I have been a Jeremy Piven fan since Lucas. For real, I have loved me some him forever. He will get dealt with and talked to if I see him on the street. And stuff like this:
And the fact that he rolls with Common like this:
does not help matters. I promise you if see him out on the street I will have him trapped up in some alley singing Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone. He just don't know. Jesus be a cold shower.

Anyway, I was doing my daily blog surfing and I came across the new Common video, Driving Me Wild ft Lily Allen. This is actually one of my favorite songs on the cd. At least of the ones that I've heard so far. As I am a bit on the broke side right now I will have to hold off buying the cd for a few weeks. But rest assured I intend to get it.

So as I watch the video you can imagine how downright giddy I was when I saw my boyfriend leant...that's right, leant...up against the wall bobbing his head to the beat for no apparent reason other than that Common wanted to put him in the video. I wish Jeremy would just give me a moment of his time. Just a few minutes so that I could tell him what is up. As Brandy said, how can one be down? Tell me where to start.

Here's the video. As always, Common is so fine he will make you slap your own momma. He's hard too look at fine. He so fine he makes me want to loc my hair and start wearing beads and such.


Why oh WHY does Lonnie appear on the screen wearing the same tux that I picked out for him when we get married next April?????

Jesus be a restraining order and a True Love Waits accountability partner. The flesh is weak.

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