Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Holy Anticipation Batman - Tia

Apparently this is the summer of the teaser. First J.J. Abrams now Maroon 5.

I'll start with the J.J. Abrams trailer. Without question the teaser for the new J.J. Abrams movie is the most cryptic, intriguing, freakin' frustrating thing that I have most recently seen. I saw it the first time when I went to see Transformers. It gives just enough information to get you totally pulled in and wondering what it's about. And then it ends and you have NO IDEA what just happened. You don't even know what the movie is called. All you know is that on Jan 18, 2008 you will be at the movies.

There are all kinds conspiracy Lost type theories floating around about this movie. And the website doesn't help anything. All it does is perpetuate the buzz and drive geeks like me insane waiting to see what it's all about.

So the clip is below. And here's the link to the clearer Apple version.

I'm scared
I am officially scared of Adam. And by scared I mean strangely intrigued and love him all the more.

Thus far my favourite song from the new Maroon 5 album is Wake Up Call. The fact that it's my favourite makes me wonder about myself a little. The song is about Adam coming home and finding a strange man in his bed. In his defense, you don't know what people bring up into your situation. So the fact that Adam shot him dead...well I ain't mad at him.

You can imagine how excited I was to see the myspace bulletin about the video for Wake Up Call. The teasers are just good enough to make you wonder what the hell is gonna go down when Adam walks in to find "another one" in his bed. I don't know why I love men who fight, but I do.

There are a total of six clips but in my opinion these are the only 4 that count.

I just a need a little of Adam's time. Just a minute to convince him why I need to be a part of his world.

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