Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm just sayin'...-Toya
Tia says that I am way off that Amy Winehouse and Janice from Friends look like alter egoes but I say she is dead wrong. Anyone? Anyone?
Home Sweet Home-Toya
This Motley Crue video is what sparked my love for Tommy Lee in the 7th grade. I have been a long time sucker for drummers/men with Italian features/bad boys with tattoes and he was all of the above which is a dangerous combination. The bad thing about this combination? They NEVER age well. Google some recent pics of him if you think I'm lying.

It's not LA's fault that I don't like LA. I am standing outside of Johnny Depp's Viper Room Club to which when I asked Tia if she wanted to go she said "Isn't that where River Phoenix died? No thanks." While walking here I realized that this is the first show that I have been to in years that I did not know a soul. Actually that's not even true. There is a girl here that I haven't seen in 5 years that I first met in Nashville. But still this is a very weird experience for me.

I didn't exactly love the band that played. If anything they made me homesick and very appreciative of the bands back home. Did I just say back at home? This is the first time I have ever called Nashville home. And on top of that I am HOME SICK. Anyway, there is something about Nashville artists that I just love. There are so many great songwriters in so any different genres. The city is just so rich with all kinds of talent. Grant it, some say that there is a "Nashville" type sound that some artists can't get out of under. Regardless, I miss my dear Nashville.

I must say that it's funny to see actual LA people versus people that try desperately to look like LA people. That's been the only amusing thing tonight. I really REALLY want to come home.

Friday, June 29, 2007

This is Toya in LA. My friend who has taken me out to breakfast has left for the restroom just long enough for me to tell you that Sanaii Lathan is sitting right next to us at breakfast!!!!! I love her! That is all. Gotta go.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

You Should Know...Josiah

posted by Toya

The first time I heard Josiah's "Best of My Heart" I felt like running and spinning in a field of daffodils. This is the most perfect, feel good song I have heard in a long time. Songs like "Happy" and the aforementioned "Best of My Heart" send me into a world of girlish giggling. However most guys can appreciate the ultimate male break up song "You and I" and "Running" is undoubtedly the perfect Nike theme song. Not to be confined by genres, his music is the perfect blend of pop, soul and electronica. Warning, his Myspace page,, has snippets but if you go here where he is one of Clear Channel's featured new artist, you can listen to a full version of "Running" and find out more about Josiah.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I would like to retract my statements - Tia

While I still think Dan is great, he is no longer my favorite. He was whining tooooooo much in the episode from last night. I am now in search of a new favorite. While Chris is the cutest face EVER the brotha CAN NOT sing. But I guess that's beside the point right now....I guess.

I will get back to you on who is in the favorite spot when I figure out who it is.
This Just In...- Toya

Ok, this isn't something I found out just now. I actually found out last week. BGLU favorite Matt Morris is being signed to Justin Timberlake's Tenman Records. Yes, you heard me right. I didn't call Justin out of his name because he actually made a move I can get behind.

Matt Morris is one of the industry's best kept and insanely underrated geniuses. If you believe anything we say on this blog, you will immediately go get his indie release Unspoken before it is sold for a gazillion dollars on ebay. When Tower records went out of business (RIP), I went and bought every last copy and gave them away as gifts so I would never have to lend mine out again. I can't wait until the release of his new stuff and as always we will keep yall up to date.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I (Tia) freakin' LURVE Levi.

That is all.
Throwback Video of the Week - Tia

I have no words. I think this video may pre-date some of our readers. But for those old enough to remember, you know 5star was IT.

Reader Survey - Tia

So Toya and I were talking and we were thinking about planning a BGLU sponsored trip to Spain. Please know that when we say sponsored we do not mean BGLU PAYS. (I figured I'd better clear that up lest someone misunderstand and think we're sponsoring like people sponsor the kids from Feed The Children.)

Anyway, I really want to go to Spain next year. I'd actually love to go this year but the trip that I want to take is like $3000. And since I'm trying to move and go back to school I'm thinking next year would be better.

So we were talking and thinking that we would organize a trip for any of our readers who wanted to go. I think it would be a great opportunity to network with other people and frankly it would be an awesome vacation.

It's basically just in the planning stages. But we wanted to gauge how many people would actually be interested. I have posted a link to the tour that I'm talking about. And, in case you're wondering, we would only handle the details of the trip. You wouldn't be sending us any money or anything. I mean, if you want to send us money that's one thing. But I can't guarantee that the funds you send us would be put toward the cost of your trip.

Anyway, leave us a comment or shoot us an email and let us know if you'd be interested in Spain in the Spring.



after literally 3 plus hours in the car trying to get here I (Tia) am
living out a dream I thought would never happen. Toya and I are
watching The Police. I have wanted to see them live since I was 4. And
they are singing my favorite Police song, Every Little Thing She Does
Is Magic.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

This is Toya. We are FINALLY at The Police show after sitting in traffic for four hours and missing Foo Fighters. But we are here now despite the incompetence of the Dodgers Stadium staff. Tia is so happy. I am trying to be. They just went into Walking on the Moon. Think I just perked up :o)
Toya's Random Airplane Thoughts

1. I cannot wait to see Tia. One of the biggest blessings in my life is having a best friend that I have absolutely no verbal filter with. I can say what's on my mind as soon as I think it. She is the only one in the world who knows that I am certifiably crazy.

2. Anybody know who this new brotha is on CNN? I saw him on the tv while I was waiting to board. They didn't flash his name at all but he is single. Isn't CNN in Atlanta? Hmm...

3. I forgot my bathing suit for the beach. Damn.

4. I declare Southwest has the best freaking snacks of any airline in the world. I love them! I just finished eating those dried fruit thingies and I am trying not to dig into those Ritz cheese crackers cause the first stop after we leave the airport is In 'n Out Burger. I wonder when we are going to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles? Ooh and it's going to be great to eat sushi in a state that's not landlocked. Am I the only one who plans their vacation around food?

5. Long plane rides make me feel gross. I remember when my daddy always had Certs when I was little. I'd fall asleep for hours and wake up with a pack in my face. "You aint kissin' my mother with funky breath" he'd say. He was supposed to be out here this weekend on business but his schedule changed. I looooooove my dad and haven't seen him since September. Getting sad now. Next...

6. I didn't feel rested before I got on the plane. Not sure why, just didn't feel like I was going on vaction even though Melanie the Wise Pixie turned around to me a few times on the way to the airport, smiled and said "You're on vacation". She is such a good friend. It wasn't until I got on the plane and read my devotions that I realized that I had some unfinished things behind: my messy room, a boy I still can't get over, the unresolved issue of where I am going to live come August and what exactly is my company about. Then I read this headline in my daily devotional: "Become recharged". The scripture reference is Mark 6:31. "And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while". May the Lord add a blessing to the reading of His Word (That may sound familiar to you if you grew up Baptist).

7. This is the first week vacation I have taken apart from my family. 8 whole days. A part of me feels like I would be content to just sit around someone else's house in a new environment for days but my friends that live out here aren't having that. Plus, I need to network while I can.

8. Speaking of business I freaking got business cards. BUSINESS CARDS! Who am I? This officially turns my side hustle into more than a hook up. Scary.

9. The way I just slept on this plane was so ungodly. Ever sleep SO hard that you wake up with your mouth open and your lips feel like they have swollen up to 3 times their size? Also, my nasal passage feels weird so I know I was snoring. I am embarrassed to get up and go to the bathroom now. My snoring aint no joke. I remember taking the bus out of Jersey into NYC one time and falling asleep. As I walked off the bus and smiled at the bus driver he loudly says "I heard you back there callin' them hogs!" and proceeded to make loud hog calling noises. Yeah, that happened to me.

10. The sista next to me is wrapping her hair and going to sleep. I love black people.

11. Finally, Andy, Stuart and Sting: The Police. In less than 8 hours, it's going down. To add to the chaos, the Foo Fighters are opening. *sigh* Dave Grohl, the man that got married and Tia waited a week to tell me cause she knew a dream had fizzled and died. A perfect ending to this evening would be the Lord's return cause really outside of marriage and sex, I can't think of anything I could look forward to more than this Police reunion. Hey at least we wouldn't have to sit in all that traffic coming out of Dodger Stadium.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Making the Band 87 - Tia

I got caught up watching Making the Band. I was just flipping through and it was on and I paused. I paused just long enough to get caught up. Frankly, I wanted to see the meltdown/blow-up between Puffy and Laurie Ann. And I was foolish enough to think that it would happen at the beginning of the season. But I really had no intention of watching for very long. If I'm being honest though, I was in after about 30 seconds. I knew in the first few minutes that they were going to have me for the whole season. Fine brothas and cute white boys singing and FIGHTING...yes I'm a's going to be a darn good show.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I already have a favorite. There is a thick white boy named Dan who is my boyfriend. He just doesn't know it yet. He can sing and he can dance. He STUCK all of the choreography that Laurie Ann threw at them. Sleep on the white boy if you want to and you WILL get your feelings hurt.

He's almost too good. I kinda don't want him to make it. I mean look at the track record Puff's other groups. (I refuse to call him Diddy. It's my own silent protest against Satan's chief minion.) Where are those girls from Dream? Does anyone from The Band have a career? And I DARE you to name more than one Danity Kane song. (That's the dumbest name I've ever heard. It sounds like Japanimation character.) I really hope that Dan gets cut. I mean, of course I want him to do well enough to stay on to get some really good exposure. But I don't want him to make it all of the way so that Sean can torpedo any possibility he may have of a career.

Dan has two myspace pages, both of which I have requested to be added to as a friend. I mean who knows, he may see me and ask to be my boyfriend. And Dan if you're reading, I would say yes. Love you, boo.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Wentworth Miller has been fine since...since forever. I remember when I saw The Human Stain. I remember thinking that a boy like that needs to be mine.

Anyway, I stumbled across this video today and again remembered that a boy like that needs to be mine.

I have no idea what they're saying. They could be selling crack laced coffee. I truly wouldn't care. As long as Wentworth continues to be fine, it's all copacetic.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Toya's Procrastinatory (pretty sure that's not a word) Ramblings-Toya

1. I am supposed to be packing/cleaning my room/sorting laundry for my trip to LA to see Tia. Yeah, it's not happening. I'll holla at that pile of clothes tomorrow.
2. Please for the love of all that is good and holy go buy CHRISETTE MICHELLE'S record tomorrow. I saw her perform here a few months back & she was incredible. She can sing, has dope lyrics & keeps her clothes on. She is worth investing in just on general principal alone. My current joint is Good Girl however my daddy and I are sure to be dancing to My Joy at my wedding.
3. Speaking of my wedding, Tag & I had to have a Come to Jesus about him badgering me about when I am going to start dating someone & get married. I had to finally let him know that that really hurts my feelings. I am sick of his & other people's accusations: "You aren't approachable" (funny he had no problem approaching me)" "You don't put yourself out there (I can't remember the last weekend I got to stay at home), "You aren't trusting (hmm I wonder why)." Finally I just came out & said that he has no idea why I am still single as does anyone else & that is why he throws these accusations at me that we both know aren't remotely true. He agreed. "You're right. I don't get why you are still single. But Toya, you ARE intimidating." At a whopping 5'2 ? "You're pretty & have it all together. That's intimidating to guys. Guys like basketcases". I started to lean over in the car, push him in the forehead & rebuke the Spirit of the Candyass that runs rampant throughout this city but I refrained. I don't expect anyone to understand what God is preparing me for & what He is protecting me from. I just started to understand it myself. Be about what you are supposed to be about and God will bring about what is to be about. Be open but DO YOU.
4. Just last month I said I'd never live by myself. I am now looking for one bedrooms. It's time to get on my grown woman for real. Jesus be a credit repairer.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Toya has taken to calling Mr. Timberlake He Who Shall Not Be Named or Your Boy. Now while I agree wholeheartedly that the child is TRIFLING with a capital trif, I LOVE his current album. I have played it into the ground. I didn't want to like Sexyback. (By the way sweetie, sexy never left. Everyone is on your shizz because you have great beats. Not because you did anything special.) Anyway, I didn't want to like Sexyback but if grew on me. It took several months but it did finally grow on me. And after My Love I just broke down on bought the cd.

Without question or hesitation my favorite song(s) is LoveStoned/Think She Knows. It's on my workout mix. It was on repeat for days. And I think it's only a handful of plays away from getting on my top 25 played songs in iTunes. So you know I was BEYOND geeked when I found out that there is a video for the song.

HWSNBN is beyond trifling but I love his music.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Randomness - Tia
I didn't get to see Elliot Yamin. (insert sad face here.)

I have a girl crush on Kerry Washington. I think she is my favorite celebrity at the moment. Too bad about her breaking up with the kid from Big. But I guess things happen.

I'm moving to back to Atlanta soon. (insert happy face here.)

LL Cool J is on television right now and his fineness never ceases to amaze me.

I like blue eyes the best. And dark dark brown may be second.

I have to wear a brown taffeta bridesmaid dress in August. The dress is pretty but it's a $175 dress that I will never wear again. Well, she can never say that I don't love her. I'm flying all the way to Chicago to wear an overpriced dress one time. That's love.

So I have discovered a whole smorgasbord of hot football players. First there was Totty or TOOOOOTTTTTTYYYYYY!!!! as they call him when he scores a goal. (Thank you Steve for the Totty heads up.) But my current delicious football selection is Freddie Ljungberg. Lord have mercy that is a fine man. This is one of the more tame pictures that I came across on the interweb. Jesus be a fence around my mind.

Halloween H2O is on. It is a horrible movie. And if you're any kind of dedicated reader you know I like bad movies. (I've seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen like 5 times.) But this is almost too bad for me to watch. Yet, here I sit. wondering how it's all going to end. Why, because I'm caught up and it's late and....oh Jaime Lee Curtis just cut off Michael Myer's head so I guess it's over.

Just call me Mrs. Robinson
So I have a mildly inappropriate crush on this child at work. And I do mean child. He is a fetus. I am technically old enough to be his mother. And this is no exaggeration. My Aunt Flo came to visit the same year he was born (sorry fellas) so I could technically be this child's mother.
Toya often talks about how Tag has her favorite face. Well the youngster at work currently has my favorite face. The first thing I do when I get to work is look to see where he's working. I get really sad if we're not at the very least working on the same floor. Today was a good day. We were both working on the register. And he was right beside me for like 5 hours.

Besides having what I could honestly say is the best face I've seen in LA, he is the sweetest kindest person that I most recently met. Like, I honestly want to meet his mother and thank her for raising such a sweet guy. The fetus is one of those few rare nice guys. The kind who are genuinely nice. And he CLEARLY does not realize how cute he is. I think if he did he wouldn't be as nice. AND he has the nerve to be in school studying engineering. Smart, sweet, funny and nice...? It seems impossible, really.

Oh and his mouth is riDAMNdiculous.Half way through the evening I walked over to help him with something. You know, just to be nice. He looked at me and said, "I've got it. You finish what you were doing." Then he smiled at me with the smile and those oh so wonderfully full pouty lips he has and it took everything in me not to touch him. Jesus be a restraint.

I want to go to Spain. Anyone else want to come? I'm serious by the way. I have the travel bug. I haven't been out of the country in a long time. I am past due. And is anyone down for Carnival next year?

Why did I spend 6 hours at the salon today and I wasn't even getting my hair braided?

Hostess makes 100 calorie cupcakes. They are easily the best new product of 2007.

My 2nd favorite show from last year, Psych, is coming back soon and the first season will be on DVD this month. If you've never seen it you must watch the inevitable marathon that the USA Network will run leading up to the series. Not too many shows can make a Midnight Oil joke and get away with it.

Will Smith just refuses to stop being fine. I like that.

This will never not be funny.

I don't care what you say, Heart is badass.

I have finally figured out that there God extends a grace when we make choices. I like that, too.

I think I have a myspace addiction. Seriously.

I STILL love Anthony Micheal Hall.

I turn 30 soon. I'm scared.

Lately the formatting on Blogger sucks when you add a picture. And I'm frankly too tired right now to try to fix it. So I apologize if there are any errors.
I'm going to bed now.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

If It Isn’t Love- Toya
“If It Isn’t Love” is a song by the best boy band of our generation, New Edition. Speaking of boy bands, you may have been wondering why I have never mentioned that Tony Thompson of Hi-Five died of an overdose last week. That is because I am still pissed.

I was at a show with Liz Lizzie Lizzmond (when are we not at a show?) and the lead singer of this band was talking about being in love. “Have you ever been in love, Lizzie?” “No” she said. “Have you?” “No. I’ve been in co-dependency though and that smells a lot like being in love.” Co-dependency is a lot like being in love similar to those knock off perfumes and knock out sodas you see in grocery stores: “If you love Britney Spears’ Fantasy you’ll like Delusions of Grandeur” or “If you love Mountain Dew you’ll like Thunder Mist”. You know, crap like that? To be completely honest, even at 32 I don’t know or understand what being in love truly is. However, I think it is a phrase of state of being that people misuse often. This is understandable if one cannot describe the insanity they are going through as a result of loving, needing to be loved and/or loving to be needed by another person.

My mother has always said that my brother and I love to take in strays. By strays, she doesn’t mean pets named Rover and Spot roaming our neighborhood. She means people. Oh we love a good sob story. We love to see the potential in people and often believe in them and their abilities to be better people much more than they do. This is a good thing when exercised wisely and unselfishly. It’s a terrible thing when it’s not, especially with the opposite sex.

Needing to be needed for validation is something that I have gotten a handle on successfully within the past year or so. It’s been a flaw in my character that I didn’t realize I had until I got DEALT wit’ by God. My validation and self worth largely came from certain men in my life needing me. I have had numerous unhealthy friendships because of this. I often get asked why I haven’t dated in a long time and I don’t doubt that this is a big reason why. Shameful to say, I believe there have been times in the past that I have used my gift of encouragement as a form of manipulation. That’s sick and I am no longer interested in doing that ever again.

I have a friend Alan whose mother just passed away. Alan is so easy to love and has the kindest spirit of anyone I have ever met. He may not be obviously handsome to the next girl but to me he is absolutely gorgeous and I tell him that often. He sees beauty in the most random things and I admire that about him. Of course, because I am an habitual crusher, I had a crush on him in the beginning of our friendship. Because his sexual preference is a deal breaker our friendship will go no further and that is a-okay. As we sat in silence listening to Rufus Wainwright the day she died, he broke down and cried. I quickly detached myself from any emotion that would make me breakdown myself and held him while he sobbed. I started praying “God please take every ounce of co-dependency and loving to be needed out of me right now in the name of Jesus. Let the arms that he feels around him be yours. Empty me out completely and let him feel your love and not mine.” It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Later on I went to wash my hands in his bathroom and saw that in the corner he had a “Gum Guard”: a little ceramic plate with a bunny on it to store your gum when you brush your teeth.

Tia will tell you that one of the major differences between us is that I am a lover of brick a brack, trinkets, knick-knacks, and cute and tiny figurines. I ran out of the bathroom, jumped on the bed and started tickling this 6 foot 5 grown man. “You have a gum guard!!!! Why are you so cute? What is wrong with you?” We laughed about it for a while and then in true Alan fashion he walked into the bathroom, took it off the sink and gave it to me. I then started to cry. “No, you can’t do this. Your mom died and you give me a gift? That’s not right.” After laughing about how he was now the one consoling me, he stared at the wall and said, “You make me feel good about myself.” I have to say that is what I live for, not just for him but for every person I meet.

As I walked to my car beaming about my new trinket I thought about how our friendship is so easy. I can be myself and shower him with kindness without me worrying if he is going to think that I like him or not. It’s refreshing. He does thoughtful things for me too. That is when it came to me that our friendship is so easy and so refreshing because it is reciprocated. I have never been in a relationship with a man where I knew he could be there for me just like I knew I would be there for him. I always chalked that up to men just not understanding women and not being as good at showing love as we are. The truth was I was dealing with some basket cases who had difficulty loving themselves so there was no way that they could know how to love me. I should’ve known this being as though I was the one trying to show them how.

So as far as being in love goes, I want to believe that can only happen when two people love each other deeply and equally. Just like it takes two to tango, I’d like to believe that it takes two people to fall in love. I am so used to loving people that the thought of being with someone that is eager to love me back and actually knows how to is a unimaginable; not unattainable just hard to wrap my mind around. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Because - Tia

I have to say, I'm sad - Tia

If you are any kind of fan of Grey's Anatomy then you know that Isaiah Washington's contract was not renewed for next season. I have to say I'm kind of sad. I liked his story line with Dr. Yang. Although it did get a bit dry during the season, I thought the finale with him leaving left it wide open for them to bring him back strong with a something different. Maybe seeing someone else or something along that line.

I know that the whole thing with the homophobic slur was serious but I thought it was blown a bit out of proportion. He said that he was sorry and he was in the process of making amends and getting "help." I guess my question is if they wanted to fire him, why didn't they do it when the incident happened? Why wait until the end of the season?

Oh well. I wish him the best. He's a great actor. I just hope that this one incident doesn't get him blacklisted in Hollywood. It would be a shame for his career to end on the chitlin circuit. I don't know if I could handle seeing Isaiah in the stage play "Mama, I'm in love with a hustlin' stripper but come Sunday morning it's going to be okay." That would hurt my heart.
There will be some serious begging and pleading going on - Tia

Concreteloop is reporting that Tyrese, Elgin Lumpkin Sr aka Ginuwine and Tank (insert side eye) are coming together to form LSG 2007. They will go by the name of...wait for it....TGT.

I am still undecided on how I feel about this. While I think that the individual artists are...a'ight, I'm not sure how I feel about them as a group. However, I was just talking to someone the other day about the lack of boy bands/man groups. Music is cyclical so it would seem that we're about due for another Nsync and another New Edition. I mean seriously, how long has it been since B2K split up? We need some brothas (and some white boys) singing in harmony and dancing in formation. I wouldn't be mad at it.

If you're interested, the new single is posted over at CL.
Someone save the children - Tia

The other day I was surfing some of the blogs that I read and I stumbled across some text that one of my fellow bloggers pulled from a some kid's myspace page. Trust me when I say that I was really and truly pained when I read this. I had to turn off the music that was playing in the background so that I could concentrate hard enough to try to decipher what this child was trying to say. I had to read it twice.

If children really are the future, then we are officially screwed.

Wat it do dis yo boi Javan am 17 single from FL, MIA were damost pretty gurls B, but yea i play football 4 mi skool i go to ATL high ''dime heaven'' sum ppl say am mean but das only if u get on mi bad side other den dat am am koo person but if u feel u wanna no more about me holla at cha boi javan 4rom ''DADE COUNTY''

Welcome Home Boys - Tia

There is a scene in the movie Glory when the regimen returns to the south for the first time after having been up north for some time. They're floating down the river in the sweltering heat, swatting flies and squinting from the obviously high temps. One of the soldiers says, "I forgot how hot it was down here." Someone next to him replies, "Welcome home boys."

That scene from Glory ran through my head the minute I stepped out of the airport today into the Georgia sun. It's only been 9 months since I left the south but I seriously had forgotten how hot it gets here in the summer. It's barely been 80 degrees in LA. It's been overcast almost every morning for the last couple weeks and even when the sun comes out it very rarely gets above 80 or so. I honestly forgot that it was June. So when I walked out of the airport and took the up escalator to the Marta train the heat smacked me in my face. I instantly felt the sweat start to build around my freshly pressed edges. I think I could almost feel my hair curling up and reverting back to its natural state. It was as if the Georgia summer was personally welcoming me and my edges back to my southern roots.

While I love the south, I do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the humidity. But I guess that's just the price I pay, right?
I forgot how early 4am is.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Behold My New Boyfriend - Tia

So I just got finished watching Honey, you'd better Bring It On 'cuz You Got Served on the Drumline...better known as Stomp The Yard and two things happened:
1. I realized how pretty parts of Atlanta really are and how unpretty other parts are. (I guess that's most cities though)

2. I fell all the way in love with Columbus Short and want him to be my new boyfriend. So if I bump in to him anywhere in the city he will be mine...oh yes....he will be mine.

The more I look at this picture the more I think he looks like this guy I used to date, ironically, when I lived in Columbus. Darrell or David or something like that...Whatever his name was, they favor each other.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

I was going to buy it anyway - Tia

I am a phone junkie. Anyone who know me knows I am good for the upgrade. At the moment I have the Tmobile Dash. It's a cute little phone but it's clearly first generation in that they haven't worked out all of the bugs. I'm actually on my 3rd one I think. I've had more problems with it. But it's good for what it is. So I'll hang onto it. That is until I can get the new Crackberry.

I saw the Blackberry Curve when I was reading some online UK newspaper. It immediately made me drool. The phone is exclusively for AT&T but I know a guy just outside Beverly Hills who can get any phone and get it unlocked so that any network can use it. I don't ask questions. The less I know the less I'm responsible for. I just go to the store ask for the phones and go about my business.

I used clown those people who were so addicted to their smartphones. I have now become that person. I'm never without my phone and the fact that it has internet access just ups the addiction factor.

So I was surfing the interweb looking for info on the US release date of the Curve. I went to website and at the bottom there was a little logo that said that Blackberry was a proud sponsor of the John Mayer Summer Tour. As I am ALSO a proud supporter of the John Mayer Summer Tour I clicked the link. At the moment there isn't a lot on the site. The video link just says "Coming Soon." Weak site content aside, there is a picture on the site that made forget all about the Jessica Simpson nonsense and made me remember why I love John so much. I tried to save the picture but it's wouldn't let me.
So here's the link. It's the third picture in. If this picture doesn't move you, you may be dead inside. Seriously...