Monday, February 26, 2007

I (Toya) was going to come on here and talk about how excited I am that Tia and I got our tickets to see The Police with the Foo Fighters at Dodgers Stadium in June but I am too upset about Eddie Murphy getting robbed of his damn Oscar. I am verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. Here, I will give you a topic: Why are none of the members of the group Pretty Ricky even remotely pretty or named Ricky? Discuss.

Friday, February 23, 2007



Monday, February 19, 2007

Toya's Coffeehouse Musings

1. I am tired. I didn't fall asleep until almost 5 this morning and I wasn't even doing anything. Not worrying, not working (although I wish I would've gotten some work done), nothing. Just restless. It is 10 pm and I am paying for it. Waiting for one of my client's to call me so we can review for a panel he is going to be on.

I have clients now (gasp). About 5. I don't feel that I know nearly enough to help them all but somehow God fills in the gaps because everything has been going so smoothly. Mat Kearney is playing overhead and it's kind of eery in a sense because it's people like him who I completely have a heart for. Hearing him makes me want to stay up. I think I will.

2. It's funny when you are over someone. Over in a sense that all of the pain that you went through that you never thought would come to an end just does one day. I won't get specific but it's almost as if I don't even remember being the hurt person I was; I can't even get in touch with those feelings anymore. Here is the test: you know when you are over a person when you can now talk to that person about the fact that you are over them. You can talk about the past and it doesn't sting. I am sure there is a scar. I won't know until the next "episode". But as for now, I am crush free and very, VERY happy.

3. Britney: I am scared for her. Like, Anna Nicole Smith bound scared for her. This stopped being funny months ago. People were laughing at her in my office and it made me sad. Never should we laugh at someone else's pain. Now I am not perfect. My next point is bound to prove it.

4. There were Jessica Simpson/John Mayer sightings last week in Nashville. Now of course we should not even care. I think where some of us have difficulty is that John in song and John in public seem to be drastically different. Then again, maybe Jessica on TV and Jessica in reality (the real reality) are two different people as well. Maybe she is not the girl "posing for pictures that aren't being taken". Maybe she actually can "distinguish Miles from Coletrane." It just goes to show that no one really knows what's going on and we the public always swear we know these people just based on what their publicist want us to know. This must be the case because as much as I love me some Mayer, Nick Lachey is a bad man. John's body might be a Wonderland but Nick's is a Continent! I digress...sinfully...forgive me...

5. I don't care how many times I hear Bullet, it still jacks me up.

6. My Valentine's Day was SWEET! I am a Valentine's Day freak. It's a holiday celebrated with pink hearts, candy and flowers for goodness sake! How can you not get behind that???? I am never one to trip over not having a Valentine until someone in my office was sent a teddy bear the day BEFORE Valentine's. I was a little salty. I haven't had a Valentine since Bobby Brown was in New Edition. But I carried on and gave everyone in my office those old school grade school V-Day cards with lollipops. As soon as I sat down, lo and behold our receptionist came in with a box for me. Inside was a teddy bear sent from my father. I will let that preach by itself.

7. The Police, Tia, me, VEGAS!!!!! We may have to video tape this and put it on You Tube. It's that crucial right now.

8. GO SEE DADDY's LITTLE GIRLS!!!! I don't care if you are black, white, Asian, whatever! If you have ever related to anything we have written about being single on this blog, you need to go see this. Let's put it this way: the brother that I always catch smiling at me when I go to my neighborhood Walgreen's? Umm, he could holla at me right about now. Gabrielle Union is hands down my favorite actress right now. Oh and my girl crush Tracee Ellis Ross is in it. Please support this so we can have more movies like it. Oh and if you have never seen Deliver Us from Eva, go pick that one up back from the movies.

9. I suck at time management. I need to treat myself like a homeschooler and time myself on Myspace. It's a problem.


Anberlin's new album Cities drops TOMORROW. Go cop it! I have a feeling about this one. They are streaming the entire record on their Myspace page. but Tia and I refuse to listen even a bit of it until we buy it tomorrow. We don't have to hear it to buy it. They had us at Ready Fuels.

Have a Sweet Week!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammys Recap- Toya
Sorry I am so late with this. The Red Hot Chili Peppers darn near put me to sleep so I couldn't get to this the same night. Here is my play by play...

1.I really don't know how I am going to live my life after that Police performance. Tia and I were just talking this afternoon about we were grateful that neither one of us has asthma. it's gonna be a problem when they go on tour..
2. Yeah Stevie and Tony! I want to overlook that Promiscuous mess even got a nod. What happened to Nelly Furtado?
3. I love the Dixie Chicks. Play with them if you want to. And I still don't understand what the big deal was. Does ANYBODY truly like the president anymore?
4. I went over a friend's house to watch the Grammys after The Dixie Chicks so I missed Beyonce' and Your Boy (to those that are new to this blog, I don't say Justin Timberlake's name because I don't like him and I don't want him to get an ounce more attention. Things haven't been the same since he threw Janet under the bus. Dang, I wonder what she was doin' at the house...)
5. I will slap John Mayer(thats a compliment for those that dont know). Thank God for this performance and again thank God i dont have asthma. Is it just us or does Gravity just make you want to act like you are in the Senior choir at an old Baptist church swayin in a choir robe doin that double clap?
6. John Legend is cute for no good reason at all. I just hope he gets over that cold (That was for you,Liz).
7. That performance with the three of them was the best thing I have seen in a long time. Why can't they tour like that ?
8. I just got up and ran around in a complete circle three times when John Mayer won and Your Boy didn't.
9. How did we go from genius to Hips Don't Lie? This actually isn't even abad performance per se. They could bring out Marvin Gaye and I would still hate it.
10. Is Seal tall or is Burt Bacharach short?
11. Be Without You is a great song but I can see how I'm Not Ready to Make Nice won.
12. Thank you almighty God for Cee Lo's voice ! INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE.
13. Kirk Franklin won for Imagine Me!!!!!!!!!! Kirk Franklin should win EVERY year for Imagine Me, really.
14. Oh look. littlechris (ludacris) won.
15. Terrence, love the haircut and the intro
16. Mary J always refers to herself in third person. That is one of my all time pet peeves but I love her too much to get annoyed. GO MARY! I don't care that she is not always on the right key. She is all heart.
17. Text message:
PRICILLA (8:42 pm): Please tell me why booty shakin hip-hop wins over The Roots?!?!?
Me (8:43 pm): Cause satan is the prince of the air
18. Maybe Common doesn't know I'm single. Isn't that what Jaden said? That guys just assume I am taken? Yeah,thats it. I'll go with that.
19. Carrie Underwood sounds good.
20. 10 minutes later and Rascall Flatts and Carrie Underwood are still playing. I am so mad about this. Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend and John Mayer could've done 3 more songs each in ths amount of time. I dont know if my "marked drowsiness" from my Sudafed is kicking in or what but have been exhausted by this performance.
21. The Kiss of Death Award just went to Carrie Underwood. To quote Craig Mack "You won't be around next year..." and well, he should know.
22. My friend just pointed out that Smokey Robinson doesn't blink.
23. Yes, Lionel Richie. I love that man.
24. I am not mad that Lil' Chris Brown decided to Stomp the Grammys
25. Ok, I just stood straight up like Bishop Jakes was preaching. To borrow from 8 Mile, yall need to recognize Christina Aguileira like she is familiar!!!! What the???? I really thought they were gonna throw a cape on that woman. You can't even talk to me about her right now. Speechless.
26. Gerald Levert, James Brown AND Luther Vandross-still hasn't hit me yet.
27. The Grammy Moment with Your Boy- Awkward and a waste of my time. Put that mess on the American Music Awards or TRL, please.
28. Hey is that "BB King is the King of the Blues" guy gonna crash the Grammys again?
29. I don't like mellowed out Red Hot Chili Peppers. What in the world did they even need confetti for??? Flea is trying his best to rock out to this mellow crap like it's Suck My Kiss or something. This is the worst Chili Peppers performance I have EVER seen. Umm, this in no way reflects on how I feel about John Frusciante (wink wink, blush blush).
30. Chad the drummer for Chili Peppers and Will Farrell? Separated at birth? I think so.
31. Goes to show: you perform, you win.
32. Wait, did Don Henley just give a shout out? WAIT did Don Henley just diss the SNOT out of Scarlett Johansen???????? Oh wow.
32. Is that the end of the show????? Still mad at the Chili Peppers.

Talk amongst yourselves....